You and your nails: Nail Care

Did you know that our nails are made up of keratin which is the same thing our hair is made of? – That’s a fact!

Did you also know that your nails could reflect your health status? – Yes! Your nails can actually give you a few hints!

So taking care of our nails (both on our hands and feet) is essential. There’s more to nail care than just getting a manicure or a pedicure and than putting on nail polish and it’s not as tedious as people may think it to be. Keep reading for a few basic tips on taking care of your nails.

Prevention is better than a cure:

Eat a well-balanced healthy diet – Eat well and make sure to include a lot of fruits and veggies in your diet so that you get the necessary vitamins and minerals you need. You also might want to consider taking a Vitamin E supplement which is not only good for your nails but is also good for your skin and hair.

Keep em’ safe – Prevent trauma to your nails. Be careful when handling tools and make sure to wear gloves when doing different chores around the house. Nail biting is under this category as well so don’t even think about it.

So fresh and so clean – Keep your nails clean and moisturized. It doesn’t matter how long or short (not too long or short of course) your nails are as long as you remember to trim your nails by cutting them across rather than cutting them from the sides. Put moisturizer on to maintain the moisture of your nails and to soften your cuticles.

Keeping in mind these three simple instructions can help you maintain healthy and fabulous looking nails. It doesn’t have to stop with the Basics of course. Now, for the question and answer portion to dive in a little deeper into Nail Care:

Q: How often should I get a manicure and a pedicure then?

A: It’s reasonable to get your nails maintained every 2 weeks or so. When getting your nails done, minimize cutting out the cuticles because they do serve as protection for the nails.

Q: Is nail polish healthy for my nails?

A: It’s alright to put on nail polish but make sure to give your nails a breather every now and then. While it’s pretty to have your nails all colored and glammed up but remember that nail polish (when applied very often) causes nails to develop a yellowish tint – totally unattractive. If you have brittle nails is advisable to put on nail polish with a base coat or a nail hardener but, again, remember to give them a break every once in a while.

Q: Do I have to be particular with nail files?

A: Most definitely. Metallic nail files tend to split your nails making them thinner – not good! Opt for emery boards. They even have cute designs to suite your personality!

Q: How about buffing my nails? Is that ok?

A: Buffing has a number of benefits such as bringing out your nail’s natural shine and it also promotes blood circulation. Excessive buffing, however, will weaken your nails so it’s probably a good idea to buff once a month.

Start taking good care of your nails today! Good luck!