Workout Inspiration: Jen Selter’s Buns of Steel

The first few words that came out of my mouth when I saw Jen Selter were: “Woah! Are those for real?” A lot of people that saw her for the first time had uttered words that were very similar in idea to mine. It’s a very common reaction because, let’s face it, Jen’s buns of steel are just too good to be true. It all started on Instagram when intriguing pictures of Jen’s behind surfaced. I did my research and found the face (and the name) behind the infamous derriere.


Before seeing Jen — how she works out, how motivated she is and how eager she is to inspire others — I would have told myself that this lady must have had a pretty good plastic surgeon but now, it’s evident that this kind of figure is attainable and possible with hard work, focus and determination. Jen Selter has now become my inspiration for losing weight and getting the figure that I want. I’m sure that I’m also speaking for the rest of the world in this matter.


Here’s Jen Selter’s interview with Bethenny:

The question now is, would I actually put in the time and effort to even get started? Well, that’s something that we can answer later, much later. For those that have a similar sentiment, here’s a picture gallery that you would appreciate:


Jen Selter’s  Instagram:

Jen Selter’s Twitter:

Jen Selter’s Facebook Page:

Jen Selter’s website: (Still being worked on)


For Jen whose rise to fame is all attributed to hard work and ass-ets: YOU GO GIRL! Continue to be an inspiration to all of us!


Now here’s a question for you Getpretty readers: Is Jen Selter an inspiration to you? How has she motivated you? Let’s start talking!