What Your Nail Lady Is Not Telling You About Gel & Acrylic Nails

Every time you go to a nail salon, you expect yourself to come out with fabulous nails that are stylish and shaped. Commonly girls go for either acrylic nails or nails with gel polish because they’re the trendiest right now. But, have you ever thought about the health of your nails whenever you apply acrylic or gel on them, and have them shaped, polished, and cleaned? Your nail lady may not want to tell you exactly what dangers your nails face, but today we are going to find out.

The Dangers Of Gel & Acrylic Nails

Most of us don’t really think of nail health. We just keep getting our nails done because they look pretty. Today, we need to think twice or at least give our nails a rest because there are potential dangers. The manicures we get may last longer than traditional ones, but is it worth sacrificing our nail health for?

What You Need To Know About Gel Nails

We all know what gel nail polishes are. They’re like regular nail polish but they last twice as long, or even longer. The application process is similar to applying traditional nail polish, but with gels, nail technicians, more commonly known as our nail ladies, make use of a UV light or UV lamp to set the gel polish faster. The application process seems simple enough, but here are some risks every time you opt for gel nail polish:

  • Because drying gel nail polish involves a UV lamp, you’re exposing the skin on your hands to harmful rays. Remember when tanning beds were being debated about? The same principle applies, even, to those tiny UV lamps they use in nail salons.
  • Gel manicures do weaken your nails because of the gel removal process. Some people DIY the removal process which may be a bad idea. Some people go to salons to remove the gel polish, but the salons might not be doing it right either.
    • Gel polish should come off easily when soaked in acetone for X amount of time. The time differs with each person, but essentially, the idea is to soak the nail until the bond between the gel polish and the natural nail is broken.
    • When nail techs don’t see the gel coming off, they end the soak and scrape off whatever polish is left on the nail. This is downright unhealthy for your nail beds and cuticles. There shouldn’t be any scraping or peeling involved when the gel nails were soaked properly.
    • Peeling and scraping can cause cracks and chips on your nails.

What You Need To Know About Acrylic Nails

Now we move on to acrylics nails which are as popular as getting gel manicures. Acrylic nails are applied with two products – monomer which is the liquid used to shape the nails and polymer which is the powder. You know how it goes, your nail tech will first clean your nails. Next, your nail tech will dip a brush into the liquid solution, then into the powder. This will form a bead which will be placed on your nails and shaped and buffed into the nail design you want. Acrylic nails are like the best thing ever, but you have to know the following potential dangers:

  • Methyl Methacrylate is a harmful chemical that causes the area under the acrylic nail to become hypersensitive. This chemical has been banned, but some low-end nail places may still use it.
  • If the instruments your nail tech used were not sanitised properly, this could cause an infection, itchiness or even inflammation.
  • If your nails are already weak, to begin with, it’s possible that their health will just deteriorate when you opt for an acrylic application.
  • The removal processes are a doozy. Nail techs can buff the acrylic nails off which many say are a little bit painful or uncomfortable. Another way to remove acrylic nails is to soak the nail on acetone. The tech will, then, gently pushed back the acrylic that has been loosened up. If there are some left, the nail will be soaked again. This could take 30mins to 40mins. If you tech doesn’t do the removal the right way, your nails could pay the price.

Now you know the potential dangers you’re making your nails face. As mentioned, maybe it is a good idea to give your nails time to rest before your next gel or acrylic manicure. You also need to make sure hat you are in good hands. Most of the dangers mentioned here can be avoided if your nail technician knows what she’s doing. Hopefully, this post has made sense of the health hazards your nails face with gel and acrylic manicures. Check out more posts on our blog and don’t forget to share this post on social media.