What Does bad fashion Mean?

Once a gang of guys got into a restaurant, they ordered for beer and many more. They were so well dressed. Then came in few attractive guys who were perfect in their looks but not in their personality which made them less attractive.

Here is the list of few things which made the attractive guys less attractive:

1.) They wore a baseball cap which is not a perfect one while in a bar.

2.) Muscle shirts

3.) Surfer bracelet

4.) Eyeliner

5.) Bad haircut

6.) Earrings which were bigger than studs

7.) Man purse and tucked in polo-shirts

This list showcases the bad fashion in guys.

Moving on to fashion faxpaus that should never be committed by women, the following tops the list:

1.) Never ever use the ‘tramp stamp’ if you are not sure you can carry it off.

2.) Never sport too much of jewellery especially piercings, tongue studs. These look good on teenagers and not on a 30 plus woman

3.) Do not ever try out those tattoos down your breasts or throat, since they bring down your personality.

4.) Do not over wear your clothing giving people the impression that you own just that one dress that fits you well.

5.) Never use too much of sparkly powder based make up, as in the long run it is not an advisable option.

6.) Do not try on too many colours for your tresses, as it can make you look ridiculous as opposed to trendy.

Just go through these instructions to avoid becoming an example of bad fashion.

Fashion does not have to be loud and over-the-top. Fashion is what keeps you comfortable. What suits you might not suit someone else and vice versa. Keep these things in mind the next time you indulge in shopping.