Walking for improved fitness

Taking that first step to feeling better and getting healthier can seem like a daunting one. Make it easier on yourself by setting realistic and small goals. In terms of fitness, the easiest and most effective method of kick-starting your improved fitness level is to start walking. Ten to twenty minutes a day is all you need when you first start, and work your way up to wherever you feel comfortable.

Maybe it seems like it’s such a small action that it won’t have any effect, maybe you just feel like you don’t have time. Either way, every minute that you spend moving your body in any way possible is one minute that you’ve spent improving your health. A five minute walk is better than no walk, and finding five minutes of free time is a lot easier than trying to jump into a full hour or half-hour of exercise right off the bat.

Take your time and adjust your routine slowly. Walking is easy and requires nothing more than a pair of comfortable shoes, and even that is debatable. You pick your speed, your pace, and the length of your stride. You can adjust any of those things as you go along to either challenge yourself a little bit, or take it easy if you’re not feeling great.

Intervals will help you even further, so alternating between speed-walking and leisurely walking will keep your heartrate moving and give you a chance to recuperate at the same time. Explore your neighborhood, scope out the beach, or even just walk around the shopping mall. Each moment will move you closer to your goal.

If you want to get your fitness started, start small and start easy. Don’t overwhelm yourself, and remember that every small action accumulates until you have acheived your goal. Walking is one step in front of the other, so get out there and start focusing on you.