Using aromatherapy to feel refreshed in the morning

The nose is a sensitive organ, and different smells are known to affect each person in a fairly consistent way. Common uses of aromatherapy are for destressing and relaxation. Alternatively, aromatherapy can be used to wake you up feeling refreshed and aware faster than a cup of coffee.

Waking up in the morning is a challenge for many people which explains the huge market for coffee, tea, espresso, energy drinks and any other product that claims to (or does) wake you up and give you instant energy. This energy, however, is borrowed, and has to be returned. When the coffee wears off, you feel tired again. When the sugar high from the energy drink cools off, you’re left feeilng worse than when you started.

What if you could get up in the morning and not end up with a slump a few hours later? Aromatherapy is easy and customizable with no negative side effects. All it takes to use this method of therapy is to use your nose and take in the odor that s associated with the feeling or emotion you want to feel or suppress. For example, lavendar is used for relaxation. The odor of lavendar is found in many body lotions and hair care products, as everyone enjoys feeling some relaxation when pampering themselves or washing up.

To boost your energy levels using aromatherapy, all you need is an energizing item. One example is oranges. The smell or oranges, or any citrus fruit including lemon or grapefruit. The smell of fresh oranges is refreshing and energizing,. If you prefer something different, there is also the option of using rosemary or sage smells. These two herb odors can also be added to the citrus scent to boost the awareness and energizing effects.

Using aromatherapy to awaken refreshed and have a clear mind in the morning is both easy and effective. You may even find that you don’t require coffee or other energy lending products to feel awake and aware during the day. Trusting the body to provide what you need is the easiest and safest way to both energizee and relax, so using aromatherapy is one great method to acheive this, every day.