Updated Brow Routine with Color My Brow

Brows, for me, are very important because they can change my look instantly – from soft and sweet, to edgy, to glamorous, to neutral. It’s all about the shape and the shade.

Personally, I’ve gotten the shaping part down but the shading part, I had to work on because I couldn’t really tint my brows with the color I wanted (because my brows are thick). It wasn’t until I bought a brow mascara that I finally got to fix my brows and tint them different color.

Color My Brow by Etude House

Etude House - Color My Brows

This is my brow mascara of choice. I’m not sure what the shade is but I think it’s dark brown. I bought it for about $6-$8 USD which is not bad. I’ll be posting a detailed review of this soon so for now, let’s focus on beautifying them brows.

How I Do It

My goal is to fill in my brows, make them look neater and a little bit thicker. If you want the same thing, then go ahead and try this out. I only use two products: 1 brow pencil in the shade dark brown and, of course, the Etude House brow mascara.

Step 1

Step 1 to Neater Brows in Just 5 MinutesI mark 3 points in my brows: where it’s suppose to start (No.1 ), where the arch is (No. 2) and where the brow ends (No. 3). I then brush all the  hairs downward.

Step 2

Step 2 of How to Make Your Brows Neater

Once all your brow hairs are brushed down, you’ll see a clearer upper line of your brow. I trace it using my brow pencil.

Step 3

Step 3 of How to Make your Brows Neater

Next, I brush all of the hairs upward and then trace the bottom line with my, again, brow pencil. It doesn’t have to perfect at this point.

Step 4

Step 4 of How to Make Your Brows NeaterNow, it’s time for the brow mascara. I normally apply this like regular mascara. I use short flicks upward to coat my brows. One coat is enough just make sure that you coat your brows evenly.

Step 5

The final look of How to Make your Brows NeaterAll you have to do now is blend everything together using a q-tip to make it look more natural.

Brow Mascaras are the Bomb

I should have tried brow mascaras way before. I was happy with how I did my brows in the past but now, it’s definitely more put together. How about your brow routine? Do you use brow mascaras too? If yes, what brand do you use and how is it working for you?

Signature - Mea P. (Author)