Two easy ways to drink more water during the day

Finding the time and ability to drink the recommended amount of water in a day can seem and sometimes almost be impossible. The task of drinking eight glasses of water in a day is a fairly huge one, especially if you are unaccustomed to drinking large amounts of anything in a day.

The first tip to drinking more water is to keep a cup or bottle of water close at hand at all times. That way, you can easily take a few sips whenever you feel the need. By having your water nearby, you also prevent having to wait until you find either a store or have a break to go grab some water. You will also be able to go for longer without going to the tap, as you will have the water right there at all times.

Another easy way to drink more water during the day is to have a full glass of water with you at each meal. By doing this, you can take a sip of water between each bite. This will not make you fill up on water, as you are eating you will be slowly digesting the food and water at the same time. Drinking water while eating will also help you enjoy you food better, as the flavour from one bite will not be transferred to the next.

Drinking enough water in a day can be challenging, but there are little tricks to ensuring that you get your full daily recommended amount without feeling like all you are doing is drinking. Keeping a water glass or bottle close at hand will give you more opportunities to take a sip on a whim. Having a glass of water during meals will compliment well, and help you enjoy the full flavour of your food better. Every little bit helps, so try a few tips and be sure to stay fully hydrated all day long.