The Top Fashion Trends To Rule 2017

With the new year brings new trends that we are ready to welcome since the new year should mean a new, improved you! Although you really don’t have to say goodbye to your 2016 wardrobe, because some pieces are still here to stay, it’s time to have a sneak peek into the fashion trends that will stand out in the next couple of months.

To help you get ahead, here’s a head start on the trends that we are looking forward to the most this year.

  1. Update your denim dress. Jeans, or denim, is a perennial favorite so rest-assured that it will never go out of fashion this year. If you are into denim dresses, they’re still in for 2017 but they’re going to come in with a stylish edge while looking comfortable and easy to wear.

The Top Fashion Trends that will Rule 2017 | Denim Dress

  1. Midi dresses are still your best friend. Look sophisticated with midi dresses that are really versatile for any event. It’s an all-around piece that you can wear for spring and is perfect to be paired with boots or lace-up heels. If you’re not into dresses, you can always opt for a midi skirt.

The Top Fashion Trends that will Rule 2017 | Midi Dress

  1. Stripes will continue to carry forward. These have been present in the fashion trends a few seasons back and are still alive and will continue to be a favorite this year. Rainbow bright stripes are also expected to rock this year. When it comes to shirts which are a staple for any woman’s wardrobe, striped shirts are a must-have, and are best paired with jeans or skirt.

The Top Fashion Trends that will Rule 2017 | Stripes

  1. Sneakers are going to stay popular this year. Because sneakers are very versatile, you can have as many pairs as you love. Embellishment and embroidery will no longer be over denim because this year, they will be drawing the attention to your feet. You can also update the design of your sneakers however you want it so you can effortlessly dress up an outfit with them.

The Top Fashion Trends that will Rule 2017 | Sneakers

  1. Mule will be taking over the shoe trend in 2017 as well. Mules in all types including flat mules, heeled mules, sneaker mules, low-block heel mules – all of these are expected to be bigger this year.

The Top Fashion Trends that will Rule 2017 | Mules Are In

  1. Skinny jeans will be out to pave the way for wide leg trousers. It’s about time to ditch your skinnies and effortlessly look slim and tall with trousers. Wide leg trousers are very flattering on all figures so regardless of your shape, you won’t have to worry about looking your best all the time.

The Top Fashion Trends that will Rule 2017 | Leg Trousers

  1. Flatforms are here for the girls who love height but hate to wear heels. Because 4 to 5 inches heels are not going to be that popular anymore for this year, flatforms are an excellent alternative if you want to look taller. These are also an ideal option if you are more into comfort and practicality like most of the women nowadays.

The Top Fashion Trends that will Rule 2017 | Flatform Shoes

  1. The 80’s glam will be in the spotlight this year so expect more ruffles and puffed up sleeves. These are a must-have when it comes to making your outfit look more fun and playful.

The Top Fashion Trends that will Rule 2017 | The 80s Glam

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