The Many Benefits of a Regular Exercise Routine

We all hear from doctors, the news, and countless others that exercise is essential to our overall health and well being. Yet, many of us really do not know all of the benefits that exercise can provide for us physically and mentally. If we are better able to understand how truly positive exercise is, then the likelihood of embracing the habit will increase greatly.

Improves Mood

Everyone has bad days. Some people have bad weeks. Then there are some individuals who seem to be stuck in a perpetual state of anger and negativity. No matter when you speak to them they are annoyed and nothing seems to be able to get them out of that slump. Believe it or not, exercise could be the trick. When you workout you release endorphins, serotonin, adrenaline, and dopamine. All of these chemicals in the brain work together to create a feeling of happiness. Therefore, working out regularly means a regular release of these chemicals which means a regular feeling of happiness. And who doesn’t want to feel happier on a regular basis?

Relieves Stress

The effects of stress on the physical and mental body can be truly detrimental. Without proper release of the stress you experience on a regular basis you are putting yourself at risk for some serious health problems. The release of endorphin and certain chemicals that you experience when you exercise helps to calm you down. Tension is relieved and you are able to breathe a bit easier. For that period of time you are free from your worries and you are able to redirect your energy towards the physical task of working out. Take it from the experts, as PsychCentral describes here, exercise is natures mood enhancer.

Controls Your Weight

When you get your body moving, you burn calories. The more intense the work out the more calories you burn. If you are able to burn more calories in a day than you are taking in via eating and drinking, you will begin to lose weight. Additionally, working out on a regular basis revs up your metabolism which means you burn the food you eat a lot quicker. This materializes into less fat being stored in the body. For something interesting check out Michael Mosley’s take on exercise:

Improves the Way You Look

An obvious benefit is that regular workouts help you improve your outward self image. When you can see yourself losing weight, gaining muscle, or toning up you are able to gain confidence. This confidence then motivates you to continue your workouts and you just get in better physical shape. Fitting into those skinny jeans or being able to wear that bikini is worth a little bit of pain in the here and now. Check this out for 10 toning exercises that don’t require equipment.

Decreases Health Risks

Living a dormant lifestyle elevates your risk of developing serious health problems such as high cholesterol, heart disease, high blood pressure, or just being morbidly obese. Working out daily can help with many of these problems. Often times people find that they are able to completely regulate issues such as obesity and high cholesterol or blood pressure by exercising and altering their diet to include more healthy choices.

It is true that exercise can be hard to incorporate into your daily routine. After work and other personal responsibilities it can seem like more of a burden than a benefit. However, it is our personal responsibility to take care of our bodies and minds for ourselves and the ones we love. What good is life if the life we are living is miserable due to health problems and unhappiness. At least 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week is the recommendation of the American Heart Association. You can do your 30 minutes all at once or break it up into a few of 10-15 minute intervals each day. Taking the time to value yourself and squeeze that exercise in is something you’ll be grateful you did in the long run. According to webMD regular exercise can strengthen your heart and cardiovascular system.