The love affair with shoes

beautiful high heel shoesMost ladies have fetishes that are beyond reason. Most have shoe fetish. Others have a make-up fetish. Still, some have dress fetish. How about bag fetish? Notice the central theme of these fetishes? You got that right- fashion!

The perfect romance and love affair that a woman can have is not of a partner or the man of her dreams. A woman’s love story is only perfect, simple, and uncomplicated with her love affair with fashion. Let us zoom in on the most raved about love stories of all time: the love affair with shoes.

Notice how women drool over the glass upon seeing that Jimmy Choo pumps? How about women who sit on the edge of the couch just to get a closer glimpse of Beyonce- wear a Christian Loubotin? The I-want-those-heels statements are a normal part of a woman’s conversation and even a conversation with her mind and conscience.

Check a woman’s credit card statement- yes, the oldest and even the recent ones. Next to groceries are shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, and a payment for utilities maybe? Women are understandably investing for their future- their future with their beloved. Sorry men, it is still her shoes.

How do women walk on her and her shoes’ first date? She walks like a beauty queen on the runway called 15th avenue. She makes sure that her all black ensemble will give so much emphasis and due credit to her red stilletos. You have to look on her red stilletos!

Why do women start a fight in a subway? You insulted her date silly! You stepped on a 1200 dollar shoes! What do you expect? No, she is not mad that her foot hurts. She is mad that your muddy shoe has the guts to step on her brand new love!

Women care and treat their shoes like they are babies. Look at how they neatly arrange their shoes on their beds- err shoe rack. Look at how a woman will clean-up her shoes first before they retire to bed. And what makes her fall asleep? No, it is not a sweet good night from a man nor a story book about happy endings. It is taking solace in the fact that her shoes are all right. She can then sleep with a smile on her face, excited to see all of them in the morning.

It is still a mystery how shoes can have so much power on women to make the most strong-willed women at their mercy. Look at how a woman gives all her paycheck to the latest addition to the spring collection!

The love affair with shoes are a mixture of a legally binding and illicit affair. People may and may not approve of the love affair at some point in time with so many different reasons. To the woman, no amount of opposition can take her away from her love affair with shoes. To her, they are the best partner that she can ever have, even forever.