The Hottest Nail Craze: Shattered Glass Nails

Shattering glass is never good but when you translate the design of shattered glass on nails, it’s probably the most mesmerizing nail art craze there is today.

Shattered glass nail art

Rumors say that the trend started in Korea. If true, Koreans have one heck of a creative way of doing nail art. The broken glass pieces aren’t actually real glass, as you may have already figured. The glass pieces on the shattered glass nail art are actually just silver cellophane arranged strategically to look like shattered glass. Because of the shiny top coat and the light refracting quality of cellophane, the end products are nails so chic they can cut you.

Shattered nails tutorial

The shattered glass nails design has many variations. It’s basically up to your imagination. You can make the background transparent (clear nail polish + silver cellophane). You can place the shattered pieces on the tip or just in the middle part of your nail. You can be as edgy or as classy as you wish with this nail art design.

Simple Shattered Glass Nail Art Tutorials

Because this is the trend right now, I searched all over the web for the simplest way to do the shattered nail design and I found a couple of tutorials that even beginners can do:

ChalkBoard Nails Tutorial


Chalkboard nails shows us a two-step process in achieving the trendy shattered glass effect. You’ll need:

  • China Glaze – Liquid Leather (any black nail polish)
  • Color Club – Covered in Diamonds

Simply apply the black nail polish as a base and then apply Color Club’s covered in diamonds on top. You can apply a top coat if you wish.

Lucy’s Stash Tutorial

Lucy’s Stash shows us how to do it with cellophane. Click here to read her full tutorial but she basically says that you have to cut the cellophane into small triangular pieces and then stick them to your nails. Her color scheme on her nails, by the way, is very rocky horror show so this might be just in time for Halloween.


Charlotte Stories’ Tutorial


If you’re not much off a reader, you can simply watch this video by Charlotte Stories on YouTube. Her shattered glass nail tutorial is much easier because she used nail art glitter pieces that looked like shattered glass. She applied them on her nails, with a black base coat, with a toothpick. She does it with ease too and it only took her almost a minute to finish one nail.

Charlotte Stories on YouTube

Get Creative with Glass Nails

The 3 tutorials are, by far, the simplest ones on the internet and I’m hoping that you find them to as such. My personal tip is this: be creative and don’t just stick to cellophane to get the shattered glass effect. Try it with glitter or visit your local beauty or nail store to see which nail polishes produces the same effect. Try it on nude nails, try it on nails with vivid colors, it’s your creativity’s call.

Hop on the trend wagon with these nail colors: