The Health Benefits of Writing a Daily Journal

Regardless of your lifestyle or current situation, there will be things that percolate in your mind. They may distract you or even stress you out, especially if they are left unresolved. One solution to that is to write out your feelings and emotions daily.

Journaling is widely considered something for teenaged girls to do, to pine over cute boys or vent about how much they hate their mother/father/friends/etc. But writing in a journal has so many stress relieving qualities that it is worth looking into for you, regardless of your age, social status, or gender.

The act of putting your thoughts to paper (or word processor, if you prefer the computer) is incredibly therapeutic all on its own. You will be able to fully and properly express your thoughts and feelings about anything that is on your mind without fear or worry about insult or repercussion.

On top of the therapeutic effect, there is also the fact that being able to write out all your thoughts on a specific thing can help you grasp more complex thoughts regarding the issue. For example, if you are having trouble with a co-worker, writing out all the details, thoughts, feelings, and actions about the situation can help you look at it from another perspective. This can help you resolve the problem or issue without needing to escalate the matter to your supervisor, in this case.

By being able to express yourself, and even sort out personal or business problems, through the simple act of writing, you will keep your stress level more under control. This in turn will lead to a healthier body and emotional state. You will be more in control of your feelings and emotions, as you will be accustomed to analyzing and expressing them effectively. There will be little to no chance of bottling up emotions, which in turn will improve your interpersonal relationships.

The benefits of writing a daily journal are pretty huge considering the limited amount of time and resources that go into the act. Keeping your stress levels down and your self-awareness up will keep both your body and your mind as healthy as can be. It’s something simple that you can do every day to stay aware and keep learning about yourself, no matter where you are.