The Dupes of Beauty Part 1 — 5 Dupe Blushes

High end brands — everybody loves them but the problem is, not everyone can afford them. Make up lovers, however, have seen hope in what the cosmetic world calls as dupes. They’re basically any type of product that highly resembles a high-end one, with little or maybe no difference (except for the drastic difference in price, of course).

So for the love of dupes, we are going to write a whole series about them called “The Dupes of Beauty” and, we’re starting everything off with blushes. Almost everybody uses one and it’s a great way to add a healthy glow to your face.

1. NARS Orgasm – Nyx Pinched

The first dupe that we have highly resembles a popular peachy blush with gold shimmers from NARS — orgasm. The dupe is called Pinched by Nyx and it is approximately 1/6 of the price of NARS’ Orgasm.

Dupe Blush - Nars Orgasm - Nyx Pinched

Orgasm by NARS is more blend-able and fine, slightly better in quality, but Pinched is not falling too far behind in that area. It’s not that big of a difference between the two products so we guess it’s safe to say that Pinched by Nyx is a pretty good dupe.

2. NARS Deep Throat- Elf Studio Blush Tickled Pink

Dupe Blush - NARS Deep Throat- Elf Studio Blush Tickled Pink

NARS blushes have a lot of dupes. Have you ever noticed that? This is also another NARS blush dupe. The dupe is called Tickled Pink (left blush, index finger) and it is from the ELF Studio line. If you compare it with NARS Deep throat (right blush, middle finger), the color has a bit of difference and the NARS one has better color pay off.

Considering Elf’s price and quality, it’s not that bad of a dupe, wouldn’t you say?

3. MAC Spring Sheen – Sleek Rose Gold

Blush dupes - Mac dupe - Sleek Rose Gold

We’d have to admit that this one is a pretty good dupe as well. The first picture with the circular container is MAC in Spring Sheen, a very nice peachy color that glows a little bit because of gold shimmers, and the second blush picture is the Sleek blush in Gold Rose. The third swatch is the MAC and the last one is the Sleek blush.

The MAC blush is more sheer and peachy while the Sleek one has a bit of pink tp it. Nonetheless, both are still really pretty colors that resemble each other.

4. NARS Dolce Vita – Milani Fantastico Mauve

Blush Dupes - Nars Dolce Vita - Milani Fantastico Mauve

Surprise, surprise, another NARS dupe. It’s probably because NARS does a lot of pretty and not so over the top colors. More good news for us, right? NARS Dolce Vita is the first picture and the second one is Milani Fantastico. Can you tell what blush the third picture is? Yes, it’s the NARS Dolce Vita blush. The Milani blush is a bit lighter but you can’t really tell the difference if you don’t take a really good, long look.

5. Benefit Dandelion – Silkygirl Dune Rose

Dupe Blush - Benefit Dandelion - Silkygirl Dune Rose

Last but not the least.

Benefit has really great cosmetics and they come in fun packages too. It’s great to see that there are several dupes out there because Benefit cosmetics don’t really come cheap. Check out the first and second picture. At first sight, the two blushes don’t really look that similar, with the Benefit Dandelion blush (1st one) being a bit lighter which also shows up on the swatch (Benefit is 1st swatch).

The great thing however is that the Dune Rose is build-able meaning that you can put just a little amount at a time to resemble the Dandelion blush.

Check in again…

We’ll have more from our Dupes of Beauty series like lipsticks and eye shadows so check in again if you found this post useful. We’d also be glad to hear from you if you’ve found any good dupes of your own. Share it with us!