Swatch: Lol’s Glittery Eye Cream in Starry Night (01)

Don’t you just love the holidays ? Everybody seems to have that joyful and giving spirit, especially now that Christmas is fast approaching.

I was under the same kind of jolly mood myself this week so I decided to buy presents. Among the toys, towels, clothes and other Christmas-y stuff that filled my shopping bags, there’s one particular item that I intended as a present to myself — the Lol Starry Night Glitter Eye Cream Palette.

Lots of Love - LOL - Glitter Eye Cream 01 - 2

In case you didn’t know (and I didn’t know too, at first), Lol — meaning lots of love — is a beauty company that provides high value products at a low cost. They have mini make-up palettes (like this one), powders, blushes, gloss, lipstick, and nail polish. Lol is a French company but they do distribute in Australia.

Lol Starry Night (01) Glitter Eye Cream Palette - LOL - Glitter Eye Cream 01

So this is the Starry Night Palette. You’ll see 6 gorgeous, glittery eye creams in neutral colors. They do have other colors as well but I decided to go for this one because you can never go wrong with neutral colors — it goes with anything!

Packaging: A closer look - LOL - Glitter Eye Cream 01 - 3

This is how it looks like when you unbox it. You’ll see the list of ingredients at the back, together with information like where the product was made (P.R.C = People’s Republic of China) and the contact details of the company. - LOL - Glitter Eye Cream 01 - 4

There’s no mirror inside but you do get a sponge tip applicator. - LOL - Glitter Eye Cream 01 - 1

The Colors are Gorgeous - LOL - Glitter Eye Cream 01 - 5

I just love anything that glitters and it’s just perfect for holiday parties. The colors look glamorous when used alone. For that added pizzazz, you can also use them as accents to your eyes. - LOL - Glitter Eye Cream 01 - 6

Here are the swatches for each color. They don’t have their official names like with high end make-up brands but the consistency of each one is pretty good — thick, creamy and not at all runny.

The colors are easy to apply and easy to spread. The black doesn’t glitter that much compared with the rest of the glitter colors but it still looks pretty good when you  pair it with a matte black eyeshadow.

I let the swatches stay on my arm for an hour just to see if the staying power is any good. Surprisingly, it is and I even had a bit of trouble wiping it off with just tissue paper (no make-up remover).

TIP: Here’s a quick tip in case you purchase this very palette. You’d want to blend the color as soon as you apply it on because it does tend to dry out a bit when you let it stay on your skin for a while.


I’m planning to write both a review and a make-up look how-to using this palette so stay tuned!