Summer Trends- Colorful Nails

We often forget the importance of nail polishes and the positive effect nicely painted nails can have on an outfit. During the winter months women tend to paint their nails in neutral or dark colors but as soon as the weather starts getting better, nails follow and the entire palette of yellows, reds, greens or blues becomes the most common sight. Summer is the time to ditch heavy clothes, gloves and footwear and expose your body in all those gorgeous outfits,  strappy sandals, peep toe pumps and flip-flops.

When it comes to picking a nail polish color, there is that creative and artistic element to it. You get to chose your favorite colors and decide whether you’re going to match them with your outfits or chose a completely mismatching style to accent your hands and feet and express your personality. Heavily decorated with sparkles, beads, crushed shells, dried flowers or other types of nail art, nails become an important accessory almost like jewelry so whether your nails are short or long, you can’t let them remain unpolished and out of style this summer.


Summertime is perfect for wearing all those bright nail polish colors you didn’t feel confident enough to put on during the winter. Whether is orange, lime green or something from the neon color specter, anything goes as long as it’s bright, shiny and eye-catching. Fashion experts agree that orange, golden, yellowish and burning red tones look the best on sun kissed skin. So, don’t forget to throw in some of those in your make-up bag before you go for a vacation. If you like experimenting and changing your look, taking a little bit of time to do your nails before you hit the beach won’t represent a problem. Candy pink nails are going to make you sweeter than those cocktails at the beach bar,  sparkly golden nails will turn you into a sun goddess and bright red will go perfectly with your new Caribbean beauty tan.


If you, however, don’t have the time, skill or the patience to do your nails on your own, you can always pay a visit to a beauty salon and get your manicure and pedicure done by a professional. There are plenty of techniques to fix even the shortest and the most brittle nails and make them glamorous, long and strong. UV gel or acrylic reinforcement or lengthening combined with special 3D and 2D nail art is going to turn your nails into a masterpiece everybody will notice and you won’t have to spend a second fixing them afterwards.


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