Summer fun: Beauty tips, Make-up tips and Trends

Sun, sea and sand – the very essences of summer! Everybody’s looking forward to having that much needed day at the beach for a good tan, a cool dip and a refreshing Popsicle. Before going on this sun-kissed adventure, let us clue you in on make-up looks that are hot this summer! Also, read on for a few make-up tips on how to get a look that says, “Summer is here!”

What’s hot? Let’s take a peek at what make-up looks trendsetters are sporting this summer!

Turquoise eye shadow – a reminder of the ocean! Turquoise is a fun color to add to your eyes to make them look brighter. It’s great with both fair skin and tanned skin. Pair it with a bronzer or a peachy blush and then put on your favorite lipbalm.

A neutral make-up paired with a fun lip color such as hot pink or bright coral. Add some color to your normally plain eyeliner and nude eye look. Any bright, fun color will do the trick!

A neutral doll-like look with dramatic lashes and thick eyebrows – a great look for a first date! Make everything nude and simple. Go for peachy colors and top everything off with dramatic lashes!

Now that you know the looks, it’s time to review the essential things you need to know to be summer-ready: (Make-up and beauty tips this summer)

Beauty tip #1: Hydrate your heart out! Drink a lot of water. It’s a must when playing under the sun with intense heat!

Beauty tip #2: Invest in a good sunscreen! You need to protect your skin while you frolic, right? Invest in a sunscreen you just love to put on. Try something with a smell that you’re totally in love with! You’ll never forget to put it on!

Beauty tip #3: Don’t go overboard with the tanning. Seriously! A lot of people bake themselves under the sun too much. A definite no-no! A strong sunscreen can only protect you temporarily thus tanning too long under the sun is bad for your skin.

Make-up tip #1: Priming is a must! There are days that you don’t necessarily need primer but during summer time, when it gets hot and sweaty, it’s something that you need to make time for.

Make-up tip #2: Water-proof all the things! Yep, we’re going to say it again and again – when it gets hot and sweaty, make sure that nothing is melting and running (especially your mascara).

Make-up tip #3: Give your face a bit of break! Make-up is alright but make sure that you’re not too glammed up when going to the beach. Instead of foundation, go for a tinted moisturizer for that natural dewy finish. We also recommend tints! Lip tints and cheek tints are ideal because it looks natural and it can last for hours!

Stick to these make-up and beauty tips and you’ll never go wrong this summer! Have fun with bright colors too. Now you’re ready for fun under the sun. Goodluck!

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