Styling it Short

Having short hair doesn’t necessarily mean easy styling. Long hair is the usual trend for girls and one reason could be because it’s actually not that hard to style compared to a shorter one. Having short hair takes a bit of courage especially in the pre-cutting stage when you don’t really know how it will look on you. Yikes! It will take a month or so to recover from a short, bad hair cut so it’s definitely a risk — style-wise.

So here’s an ode to all the short haired girls out there. Here’s a short guide to easy and carefree styles for variations of short-hair plus celebrities that sport them.

1. The Bob

If you have this hairstyle then you’re in luck because “the bob” is nowhere near being outdated. You can style it in a number of ways. Try:

Applying a volumizing mousse in all parts of your hair after washing it. Use a round brush when blow-drying, concentrating on the part of the crown and the ends. Use the brush to lift the hair on the crown part making it higher (not too high of course) and then blow-dry the ends inward. This will suit most face shapes and most hair colors. The celebrity spotlight for this look is on Paris Hilton who has short blonde hair.

2. Pixie Cut

This could be risky but worth it look. It will make you look edgy but also flexible enough for a feminine look when needed. Try:

Rough drying hair after washing. Apply a heat protective hair product before blow drying. Blow dry the back of your hair first and then smooth the bottom part of the back out. Spike out the side and the front. Now, this look can be both edgy and feminine depending on the kind of makeup and outfit you have on. The spotlight is on Ginnifer Goodwin who’s wearing it both ways (edgy yet feminine).

3. Short curly hair

This may sound like an oxymoron but it’s actually a very sexy and romantic look. Here’s an easy way to style it:

First things first, let’s clear out the frizz. When you have curly hair the number one problem is not split ends but frizziness. The key to avoiding this is moisture. Try a leave-on conditioner or a shampoo that doesn’t contain sulfate. Next, styling. Try parting your hair on the side (whichever side you’re comfortable with). You can use a styling product as well to achieve a bit of volume and then clip one side of the hair to the side. The celebrity spotlight is on Selena Gomez, who can rock a curly bob anytime and anywhere.

There are a lot of ways you can style your short hair, may it be short layered hair or short thick hair. Rock a nice updo for short hair with bobby pins and a headband. Style your short hair your way. Having short hair may not be that common but maybe that’s the reason why most girls that have a short do are considered different and fashionable. Embrace your short hair today!

Good luck!