Style Guide- Celebrity Trends for US Summer 2010

Natural Hairstyle- Whether it’s wavy or straight, your everyday do should look as natural as possible. Take Cameron Diaz’s example and you’ll find out exactly why she always gets points for her style. This is a prefect summer look and the best thing about it is that it’s girly, fun and easy to do. Save the neat, polished look for special occasions because it doesn’t go well with the summer heat and pretty soon your hair might end up looking like a messy, greasy blob. Picking your hair up in a loose bun and/or adding an interesting hair band is a much better alternative that’s going to earn you some major style points. Wild Shakira hair, Cameron Diaz laid back surfer look or a more refined Paris Hilton hair, the choices are numerous and neither of them requires paying a visit to a hairdresser.

celeb hair

 Bight Colored Pumps- Be brave enough to match your shoes with your mood and that only! Tastefully picked pair of neon colored pumps could make a regular single-color outfit edgy and glamorous. Sure, getting a pair of matching pumps is a fool-proof tactics, but going multi-color is going to show your artistic side and make you stand out. Everybody wants to be around a creative, fashion-conscious person.

celeb shoes

Ray Bans- Doesn’t matter if it’s Wayfarer or Aviator,  Ray Bans are something you can’t do your celebrity style without. Your going to need sunglasses anyway, why not invest in a pair of these and get yourself the Rihanna/ Lady Gaga look as a bonus?


Nude And Sheer- Nude dresses and sheer tops are the hottest style of the season. And, although going nude or sheer is not exactly the most preferable in the working environment, you can rock this sexy, refined and feminine look anywhere from parties to fancy dinner outings. You have to be careful with this style, thought, because many celebrities proved that you can actually go wrong with it. The point is to tease but still leave plenty to the imagination, not look like you forgot to wear clothes and then wrapped some window drapes around you hoping nobody will notice it. Seamless, neutral colored lingerie and a lot of layers are the corner stone of pulling off a nude and/or sheer look.  If Penelope can do it, so can you!

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