Stilettos and Wedges and Sandals, Oh My!

There are so many different styles of shoes that can be used to adorn the feet. From flats to heels or boots to sandals, their are many possibilities that are determined by your preference and style. Very popular shoe styles for this summer are stilettos, wedges, and sandals.



No shoe screams class and sex appeal more than the stiletto. Worn by women and loved by men, the stiletto is an easy way to step your outfit up a few notches. A woman who wears stilettos conveys confidence, boldness, and of course class. This shoe works best when worn with sophisticated clothing such as dresses, skirts, and blazers. However, there have been many women who have successfully pulled off stilettos with jeans and a t-shirt. The choice is really yours at the end of the day. It is important to note that stilettos may not be for every woman. While they are beautiful fashion pieces, nothing is cute about them if you cannot walk in them. If you find stilettos simply aren’t comfortable then try a lower or wider heel. If you insist on having stilettos regardless, practice walking in them so you can step outside with confidence.


Wedges combine style and comfort for those women who want some height but don’t want to break their legs in the process. Wedges balance the weight of the body much better so they are a lot more comfortable and much easier to walk in. Wedges come in many styles and patterns so you are bound to find a pair to meet your casual and formal needs. Whether worn with a pair of jeans or a dress, wedges make a great statement.


Sandals are great because they come in two forms: heels and flats. You can choose the form that works best you in general or just based upon the specific outfit you choose to wear at the moment. Heeled sandals are much more formal than flat sandals. They are far more appropriate for a dinner date or some other type of event that requires dressy attire. Flat sandals on the other hand can go either way. There are flat sandals that are designed for more casual purposes and those that can be worn with a more formal outfit as well. In addition to the differences in height, there are other aspects where sandals can vary. Some of the most popular types of sandals out now are the thong sandal, the gladiator sandal, and the slip-on sandal. The thong sandal has a piece that comes in between the toes. The gladiator sandal has straps that come up the ankle slightly mimicking the sandals the gladiators in ancient Rome and Greece wore. Finally, slip-on sandals are those that work just like their name suggests; they slip-on. All of these options allow you the chance to really play around with your style and find the one that fits you best.

The popularity of these styles for the summer is growing rapidly. It seems as if people cannot get enough of stilettos, wedges, and sandals this season. Chances are these styles will stick around long after this year passes, and if they do disappear they will resurface soon enough.