Steps to Getting Over a Big Break-Up

Breaking up with someone that you care about isn’t easy and it requires a certain amount of time for you to totally say that you’re over it. It may take a little more time than usual if you’re too depressed to take one step into recovery but who can blame you? It doesn’t matter if you pull the band-aid fast or slowly, there’s still going to be a bit of pain involved but we do have a few things for you to try out to make your moving-on process a bit faster.

Getting over a breakup - 1

You’re just 5 steps away from starting your recovery:

1. Don’t let the past hold you back

Getting over a breakup - 2

We know it’s painful and this step might be the hardest but first steps usually are. Gather anything that reminds you of your former love, put them inside a box and give them away or throw them out. Drastic? Yes but it’s necessary! They could be in the form of gifts, pictures (that includes all of your albums on Facebook), toys, probably clothes and etc. You cannot take a step into recovering with all of these reminders holding you back.

2. Write the “Letting go” letter.

Going through this process requires a lot of emotional debriefing. You might have done a few things to each other that are very hurtful and these things might have been the cause of your breakup. It’s not easy to let these things go and you might even be blaming yourself so what you need to do is unload all of these things into a letter.

Getting over a breakup - 3

Tell yourself that you can and you will let go and move forward. Unload all of those negative emotions into the letter but the most important thing is to forgive — forgive your former love and forgive yourself.


You need to let go afterwards so you can be creative in symbolizing that you have. You can write the letter on a helium balloon and then you can let it go. You can write it on paper and then put it inside a bottle to set it afloat on the ocean or you can burn it (easier than driving all the way down to the beach).

3. Change is good!

Because you’ve learned to let go of the negative, now comes the easy part. Change something like your hair (get a haircut, color your hair, etc), rearrange your bedroom, paint your walls a different color and etc. We’re sure that you can come up with a few of your own ideas. You’ll be surprised at how this small change can affect your perspective (in a good way).

4. Embrace the “NEW”

Getting over a breakup - 4

New experiences — most say that this is what life is about. You may have been afraid to try out something new but now is the time to do it. Try going to a place you’ve never been before, do something that you’ve never done before (like eating sushi for the first time) and etc. You get the idea. Embrace new experiences so you can get the most out of life.

Stop mopping around, stop eating so much and get out and experience the world! Say YES to all the good opportunities that go your way or at least get out of your house, see your friends and DO something.

5. Smile though your heart is aching

Did you know that there was a study saying that you can trick your brain into thinking that you’re happy? All you have to do is smile. We know that it’s a bit strange but there’s no harm in trying that out.

A smile always says that you’re ready to face the world head on! Who knows? That very smile of yours can brighten someone else’s day, other than your own.

Getting over a breakup - 5