Spring freshness: Make-up Trends and Easy to do hairstyles

Not only is spring a time for new beginnings but it’s also a time for new and fresh make-up looks on the runway. Old classics are coming back this spring but with a twist! Let’s take a look at what the spring air has brought to our creativity with spring’s latest make-up looks. We might even add a few beauty tips so read on!

Timeless classics are definitely making their way back:

The classic red lip is back! Instead of just plain red, though, play it up with the other shades or even colors that have a red undertone. You could go for something dark like dark chocolate red or a brighter, more modern shade like vermilion. There are millions of shades you could try to spruce up the classic red lip look!

A winged, cat-eye look will always be timeless but this time, go for a more modern look! Instead of just plain black, line your eyes with something brighter like bronze, or a bright purple! Play with colors that suit you. Another alternative to the classic winged cat-eye look would be two lines instead of one!

Forget about thinly shaped brows because the power brow is back! Your eyebrows frame your face so having power brows could be a bold statement. Having this sixty’s trademarked brows can be both feminine and striking at the same time so keep your face simple and let your brows do the talking.

Now that you know the latest on the runway, we figured that you can’t really look half the part with just your face being spring ready so aside from the spring make-up trends, here are a few spring up-dos you could try to match your spring look:

A tip before you begin: When using elastic bands to style your hair, use two instead of one. This way, you’ll have a back-up just in case the other one breaks.

The “do” to do #1: A fish tail braid

Divide your hair into 2 parts. Take a small part on one side and join it to the other. Simple, right? Do the same thing until the entire length of your hair is braided.

The “do” to do #2: Loose, clean waves (They’re calling it the urban wave)

The easiest way to do this is with the use of a curling iron and a blow-dryer. Blow-dry your hair a bit and then lightly curl it using the curling iron – lightly curling them is the trick! Grab some hair serum and rake your fingers through your hair. Scrunch it a little to achieve volume and then you can style it as desired. Cool do, huh?

The “do” to do #3: Easy, breezy, 3-part ponytail

The name says it all! To do this easy hairstyle, part the top layer of your hair and then tie it. Repeat the process with the 2nd and 3rd parts remembering to join the ends to each layer.

You’ve got the face right and the hair right! Flaunt your spring ready look today and have fun with it. Good luck!