Short Tutorial: Kylie Jenner’s Makeup Look Simplified

Is it just me or am I really seeing Kylie Jenner everywhere lately? I’ve been seeing a lot of her Instagram pictures and I even posted one on Getpretty’s Facebook Page.

What is it about Kylie that’s making her the newest it-girl under the limelight? I am banking on the make-up! She looks absolutely gorgeous in her photos.

I know that today is suppose to be How-To Thursday but Kylie’s just so mention-worthy that I had to try and recreate (more like simplify) one look that she had. I took a few important elements from her original look and I toned it down a bit to make it wearable for myself and for other girls that don’t really want to wear a whole lot of makeup.

So here’s Kylie’s makeup look that I based my look on:

Kylie Jenner - The newest it-girl?
Kylie Jenner’s Makeup Look (Photo courtesy: Instagram)

My Simplified Version

1. Face perfecting routine – I put on my ever trusty tinted moisturizer, some concealer and then I set it with powder. You can also go over your lips just to erase more of it’s original color.

Foundation on the lips

2. Eyeshadow – I took a basic brown eyeshadow and I just dusted a small amount of it on my eyelids, concentrating most of the color on the outer corner of my eye.


3. Eyeliner – I used a gel liner and I used a similar color eyeshadow to set it. It should look like this:

Perfectly winged eyeliner
Wing out your eyeliner. It doesn’t have to be dramatic.

Since the look that I’m going for is something toned-down, I just made a small wing and then I lined my upper lash line until the middle.

4. Skip blush. I did but you can always dust just a tiny bit on the sides of your cheeks to warm up your face.

5. Mascara – I wanted to layer my mascara but I decided to go with just one coat. My lashes are not as long or as think as Kylie’s but I didn’t want to “over do” the look. Curl your lashes and apply mascara.

Long, thick lashes

6. Lipliner – There are not lipsticks involved in this short tutorial. I read in a forum that Kylie only wears lipliner (possibly spice from MAC). I chose a lipliner that’s closest to my natural lip color.

Stick to lipliner
This is my all time favorite lipliner!

You’re done! You should look Kylie Jenner-esque by now.

Raised eyebrow selfie
Now for a #selfie!

Mea’s Beauty Tip: Some lipliners can feel like they’re drying up your lips so go for the ones that have a creamier formulation. I’ve always liked lipliners that are not in the usual pencil form. You could try those out.

Nude lips using a lipliner.
Use a lipliner for a matte finish.


Signature - Mea P. (Author)