Review + Swatch: Palladio Rice Powder in Translucent 787302

For 3 days, I contemplated on what powder to buy for myself. Yes, for 3 whole days. If you’re a make-up enthusiast, searching online for the perfect pressed or loose powder is not as easy as breathing in air. I wanted to buy (and add to my collection) the perfect translucent powder!


I’ve only tried one translucent powder (CoverGirl Pressed Translucent Powder in Light) and I can really say that my experience with it was exceptional, especially when it came to achieving a matte finish without sacrificing the “healthy glow” glow. The one that I tried from CoverGirl was great but I wondered what other translucent powders were out there and if they worked just as well.


I checked out the translucent powders from E.L.F, Physician’s Formula, Revlon, NYC and a whole lot more. As I was browsing online, searching for reviews for each product that caught my interest, I narrowed down my choices into two: the Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Translucent and the Palladio Rice Powder also in translucent. I went for the latter mainly because it was cheaper and I also saw great reviews about it. Now, it’s my turn to share my experience!

Palladio Rice Powder Short Review - (1)

Packaging: 7 out of 10

The Palladio Rice Powder came in a square box with a picture of an Asian lady in front. The top comes off to reveal the powder but there’s no mirror inside. Like any other loose powder, you’d have to peel the sticker that’s on the sifter to use the powder. I like everything about the packaging — the size, the Asian lady in front, and the wider rim of the lid and the container ( makes it easier to open it up) — except the part that you have to open the lid to get to the powder.

That’s why I gave it a 7. It would probably be best to put a rubber band around it and then put it inside your bag to prevent the powder from spilling everywhere.

Palladio Rice Powder Short Review - (2)

The Puff: 7 out of 10

Most cosmetic items usually have a cheap brush or a cheap puff that comes with it. The Palladio Rice Powder came with a puff. The good thing is the puff doesn’t look cheap at all. It feels ultra soft and I used it to apply the powder for the first time (and the 2nd, and the 3rd). Cheap or not, I like enough to use it with the product every chance I get.

Palladio Rice Powder Short Review - (3)

The Translucency: 9 out of 10

Palladio Rice Powder Short Review - (4)

When I swatched the Palladio Rice Powder on my hand, it looked white. And, when I blended it out, it left a sort of obvious white streak. I went through with putting it on my face and…WOW! I give the translucency a 9 because it still showed off my exact skin color. It didn’t leave on a white finish or any other finish of a different color.

The Application

Concentrating On The Oily Areas

Palladio Rice Powder Short Review - (5)

So the oily parts on my face included my T-Zone, the area on the sides of my nose and my eyelids. The rest of my face, like my forehead (wide as it may be), I do not have a problem with. I concentrated on those areas when I applied the powder on.

The After

I did not put anything on except for the Palladio Rice Powder. No concealer, no foundation, nothing. What I got was a smoother, matte-er finish. I also still had a bit of glow on my cheeks but I wanted it that way because it makes my skin look healthier.

Palladio Rice Powder Short Review - (6)

I cant wait to use it over my foundation as a setting powder! Using it alone is great too. It basically made my skin look better without making it obvious.

Before (Left) & After (Right)
Before (Left) & After (Right)

The Staying Power: 7 out of 10

This rating is only my initial thought. I might have to experiment with it for the entire day because in the picture below, I only let it sit on my face for 2 hours (and I put on blush). My nose area needs a bit of a retouch but the rest of my face is still A-Ok.



My expectations were met and it’s highly likely that I’ll repurchase this item once I run out. I have my eye on the Ben Nye translucent powder too so let’s see how it pans out. But, this one is definitely a keeper (great for everyday application, great setting powder, great matte-efier).