Review: Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Silk Cake Powder

Time for a review! We haven’t posted some for a little while so we thought that today might be a good time to do it. I’ve been, personally, using a cake powder from Maybelline that I wanted everyone to know about. The name is:¬†Clear Smooth BB Silk Cake Powder.

Why I Bought it

I was walking through a beauty store inside a popular mall in my country (The Philippines) and I came across the cake powder. It was something new from Maybelline (or maybe it was just released in my country) so I decided to check it out.

I swatched a few colors on the back of my hand and picked the one that closely matched my skin tone. I was a fan of BB creams back then (about a month and a half ago, I think) so I thought that it might be a good product to use since it has the letters “BB” on it and plus, the name is pretty suggestive. It also has the words Poreless White on the front of the box so it made me think that my skin was going to look and feel like silk afterwards.

Cost: Approximately AUD 8.58


Clear Smooth BB Silk Cake Powder-Poreless White-Packaging

The box the powder is on has a lot of information about the product. These are a few things that you will find on it:


  • SPF 21 PA+++
  • Skin Transforming Cake Powder
  • Poreless. Visibly Brighter. Oil Control for Hours.

Back (Summary)

  • Pore Smoothening and Even Coverage – BB Silk Essence infused
  • Brighter UV-Protected Skin – Has Korean Mulberry Root Extract
  • Oil Control for Hours – Has oil absorbing inhgredients
  • 8g
  • Non-comedogenic (non-black head forming)

As you might tell, the product is pretty impressive sounding just from the information you get on the box.


Clear Smooth BB Silk Cake Powder-Poreless White-Main Packaging

The main powder itself came in a purple container with a reflective top. Inside, you’ll find a mirror, a sponge compartment at the bottom with wholes underneath.

Color and Texture

Very much like BB creams, there weren’t a whole lot of colors to choose from. Only 4 colors:¬†light, nude beige, honey and natural.

I also knew that BB creams had a tendency to be too light when I put them on and so I was assuming the same thing with this powder so I went with 04 Honey (a tad darker than my original skin color) instead of my usual — nude beige.

Color: 04 Honey

Clear Smooth BB Silk Cake Powder-Poreless White-Color Close Up

When it came to the texture, I would have to admit that the silk part is right because it feels exactly like that. Soft, silky and very fine. I guess that was the whole idea so the powder can really get into the nooks and cervices of your face.

My Experience

Just like most BB creams I tried out, the powder looked like it was too light for my skin tone despite me choosing a tad darker color. It totally did not blend with my neck color which looked weird. There’s a bit of a cake-y finish to it which I didn’t like.

Clear Smooth BB Silk Cake Powder-Poreless White-Swatch

I was crossing my fingers for a more natural finish but sad to say, it looked too thick on my face (definitely not attractive). I tried using it on once when we went out for a night on the town — big mistake. It has higher SPF (which I forgot) and so my pictures ended looking ghostly. SPF tends to do that.

I found a way to utilize the entire powder, though. What I do is a spot correct my face meaning that I only put a certain amount of powder on areas that need “correcting” and that has been working well for me compared to putting powder on my entire face.

As for the pore refining aspect of it, well, you can’t really achieve that and not get a cake-y finish.



I’m giving this a 6 out of 10.

Clear Smooth BB Silk Cake Powder-Poreless White-Application

I have to give this powder props because:

  • It works well as a powder concealer. Great coverage!
  • It feels really soft and light on the skin.
  • The sponge that it comes with is of great quality.
  • It doesn’t have a funny smell to it.
  • Great oil controlling and sun protecting factors.

On the other hand, it may not be as great of a powder as it promises to be because:

  • It doesn’t deliver a natural finish.
  • It doesn’t have that many colors to choose from.
  • Has SPF so it might not be a great idea to use it when you’re going to take pictures with flash.
  • Not that build-able. You would have to be careful on the amount that you initially put on.
  • You might have to use a primer if you’re going to use it as a concealer.

Available on Amazon and Ebay