Recover from skin peeling sunburn faster

Getting a sunburn is a painful thing for many people, and when it’s really bad it can progress into peeling. This is both a sign of fairly serious skin damage and an unpleasant feeling. Relieving this takes patience and care but it is possible to speed it up and get your skin back to where it started in less time.

If you have been taking good care of your sunburn before the peeling began, using such care methods as cooling the skin and using cool showers to ease the pain and itching, you are on track for faster healing already. Continue with these methods, and as soon as the skin is back to normal temperature to touch, start applying your preferred water or aloe-based moisturizer. Avoid petrolatum or petroleum, as this will prevent the skin from breathing properly, impeding healing further.

However, if you thought the burn wasn’t too bad, or just didn’t want to take care of it thinking that you might make it worse, it’s time to start. The first thing you want to do is ensure that your skin is sitting at a normal temperature. Anything above that can cause further damage, particularly if you put lotion on it. Normally peeling happens after the skin has regained its temperature regulation, but it’s always a good idea to check anyways.

Staying hydrated from the inside will also speed up the healing process, as even the slightest level of dehydration can and will cause a loss in healing speed. Having the proper level of water in your body will also keep the fluids flowing properly through your system, cooing your skin and flushing the damage away faster.

The last step to healing your peeling sunburn faster is to choose a high quality rehydration lotion. Anything that is aloe or water based is a great start. Avoid petroleum based products as well as alcohol in any form in the first few ingredients, as alcohol is used for drying out a surface, not rehydrating it. The less artificial fragrances, the better, as these ingredients also have drying qualities, and can cause or exacerbate skin sensitivities. Put your preferred lotion on the affected area and surrounding areas at least twice per day until the redness and peeling has completely disappeared. To be safe, feel free to continue to apply the lotion for up to a week after the healing is visibly complete, to ensure that any sub-dermal damage is healed faster.

Healing your peeling sunburn can seem like an endless and frustrating process, but there are a few things that you can do to help your body heal faster. Ensuring your skin is cooled, you body hydrated, and the use of high quality hydrating lotion are three important things you can do to keep the effects from bothering you for as long as typical.