Rain, Rain — Now what to do?

So you’re staying indoors today, ey? Yes, rainy or gloomy weather is not so motivating but there are better things to do than just laying around, watching TV, snacking, and taking a nap. These activities might be perfect for rainy weather but it’s better if you don’t spend your day lazing around. Get up! Turn off your TV and read on for GetPretty’s boredom-proof “What to do on a rainy day” List.

What to do on a rainy day - 1

#1:  Be creative!

It’s raining outside so might as well make use of your time to exercise your creativity. You probably haven’t exercised it for a while and it may have packed on a few pounds.

What to do on a rainy day - 2

  • Do you have lots of nail polish lying around somewhere? Go find them and then give your nails a fresh look by doing a DIY nail design on them. There are lots of blogs or videos that you can refer to. SoNailicious, for example, is one blog that we like to visit for DIY Nail Art needs.
  • Ever wanted to share what your experiencing to the world? Sure, you already have Facebook and Twitter and a dozen of other social media profiles but one thing that you might want to try out is blogging. It’s one great way to get your story out there and who knows, you might have a talent for writing. To get you started, you should check out Pip Lincolne’s Blog School: Lesson One.

#2:  Be beautiful!

Answer this question honestly: When was the last time that you exfoliated or put a mask on or at least deep conditioned your hair? Can’t remember? Then today is the perfect day for you to do all of these.

What to do on a rainy day - 3

  • Take a warm bath and take your time doing it. While you’re in there, you can condition your hair and then use your favorite shower gel (the one that smells sooo amazing!) Do the skin care routine that you’re always too busy to do: tone, moisturize, put a mask on, apply a pore strip, and etc.
  • Ok. So what if you don’t need to do your skin care stuff since you do that on a daily basis? We suggest taking out unwanted hairs. Go pluck your eyebrows, shave your legs/armpits, or wax them if you’re not a big fan of shaving. Read our post about grooming your brows or read our complete guide to hair removal.

#3:  Be smart and witty!

Since it’s raining outside, you might as well make use of your time to better yourself. School might be out today but that doesn’t mean that you should stop learning.

What to do on a rainy day - 4

  • Go through your “Must Read” list. We know you have one and we know that you’ve probably been too busy (or too lazy) to go through your list. Find a book that you’ve been dying to read for weeks, get a cup of hot chocolate and then read the day away.
  • Movies are great but let’s admit that not all movies have life lessons that you can pass on to your grandchildren. A better way to spend your time would be to watch a documentary that’s interesting to you. VICE, for example, is one of the many YouTube channels that we like when it comes to interesting and controversial docu-videos.

#4:  Be fit!

You haven’t exercised for a while, have you? Then, today is a great opportunity for you to kick start your exercise routine. Get up stop being lazy and focus your energy on something that can make you look and feel good!

What to do on a rainy day - 5

  • Do an hour of yoga. There are tons of instructional videos online and they range from beginner to intermediate levels (depending on what you can handle). You might like it and you might just want to do yoga on a regular basis.
  • Do stretches. Stretching may not sound like a big deal but it’ll be great for your muscles. They don’t even take up that much time to do so think of stretching as your first step to establishing an exercise routine.