Quick Tip: Lips Makeup

Basic lips make up
Exfoliate lips with a wet wash cloth.
Coat and protect lip with a thin layer of lip balm.
Line lip with a nude or natural lip pencil.
Choose a dark lip color with blue undertones (this makes teeth appear whiter). Using a brush, apply lip color on the middle point of lips, slowly working your way the edges.
You may add another color to create a more suitable shade for your skin. Blot lips using a tissue paper. Add gloss to the middle point of your lips.

Thicker lips
The traditional way of creating thicker lips was to use a dark-colored lipliner and line lips outside the natural lipline. But after years of looking like the Joker, we’ve gotten smarter. Now the trick to mastering this art is applying the right shade of lipliner to match you lipcolor. Then blend evenly. An obvious lipliner line is just so not in! Apply lipcolor over your liner and add gloss for a poutier effect.