Quick Tip: Covering Up Imperfections

How to cover zits?
Instead of using your fingers or a foundation brush to apply concealer, use a clean lip brush instead. The soft and fine bristles will do a better job concealing blemishes. The warmth from your fingers will break down the concealer.

Why are my pores still obvious after I apply makeup?
Open or large pores are quite tricky to cover up. Firstly, apply a liquid foundation as you normally would. Do not use too much foundation as that would only give a cakey effect. Then, using a sponge, press some powder onto areas with large pores. Unlike pulling the sponge across your face, the pressing effect allows the powder to settle into pores, giving you maximum coverage. Lastly, use a brush to dust off any excess powder.

How to hide freckle without using a ton of makeup?
First try to prevent freckles from getting darker or multiplying by wearing sunblock of at least SPF15 under makeup every day. Then conceal freckles by using a highly pigmented, lightweight liquid foundation. Choose a color that is very close to the skin tone. Using a sponge, blend a layer of the foundation all over face, from hairline to jawline. Then dust on a layer of translucent powder to set it, for a natural and smooth finish.