Quick Tip: Blushers

Slim down puffy cheeks, how?
Use a blush brush, sweep a generous amount of blusher along the cheekbones and keep shading till you see a difference. This step is not only slimming cheeks will also make face look more elongate.

Blusher, balance out your cheeks
One side is larger than the other? Don’t fear, unbalanced cheeks are a common beauty problem, whether it’s slightly or obviously, make can easily help fix them up. All you need is a blusher. Use a color that’s somewhere between brown and orange – avoid pinks as they won’t make a visible difference. The idea is to tone your cheeks, not add flush to them. Start by spreading equal amounts on both cheeks, then on the side which is larger, keep blending till both sides are even.

Trim your double chin
Use again blusher, choose the color close to skin tone, blushing on the color along the lower jawline. Blend until the jaw shape has come out.