Natural Lip Tips Using Tints

Here’s a neat trick that you can do to achieve natural looking, rosy lips.

What you gotta have:

Stain then Balm

So what do you do if you use tints or stains (you love using tints or stains) but they end up just drying up your lips? The solution is a lip balm!

Lip Tip By Getpretty.Com.Au

1. Take your balm or stain and apply just a little on the middle of your lower lip. With your ring finger, spread the stain on the rest of your lips.

2. With whatever is left on your ring finger, apply that on your upper lip.

3. Apply lip balm liberally.

AND DONE. Now you have pinkish lips that look natural and moisturized. Check back again for more beauty tips!

Signature - Mea P. (Author)