Nail Polish Tips and Tricks

It happens every time! When we attempt to recreate the glossy, delicate, and well painted nails we get after a well deserved manicure or pedicure, most of the time it doesn’t really come out as expected.  Instead of glossy, delicate and well painted, we get something like this:

So what exactly do the professionals know that we don’t? Let’s find out!

Everybody wants to have fabulous nails everyday but we can’t really go to salons every week to get them done. Color your nails in the comfort of your home and get results that you’ve always wanted with these tips and tricks that the professionals do themselves!

Tip and Trick #1: To avoid air bubbles, avoid shaking the bottle before using the nail polish. Instead of shaking it, put it in between your palms and then roll it back and forth.

Tip and trick #2: Always prime. Prime your nails with a good nail polish primer or base coat because it’s like making your canvas smooth and clean. A primer also helps the nail polish stay on longer and it prevents nails form getting a yellowish stain. It can’t guarantee chip free nails but it can lessen the possibility of chipping.

Tip and trick #3: Take your time without over-applying. You don’t have to glop it on. Take a considerable amount and then spread it evenly over your nail. Putting nail polish on your non-dominant hand can be easy but it could take time when it comes to using your non-dominant hand to put on nail polish.

Tip and Trick #4: Remember this basic formula: A base coat + 2 layer of non-gloppy nail polish + top coat = Long lasting, fabulous nails.

Tip and Trick #5: Use your pinky to steady your whole hand while applying nail polish. Extend your pinky and then place it firmly on an area your comfortable with. Grip your brush with your thumb, index finger and middle finger. Anchoring your pinky will ensure firm and steady strokes.

Tip and Trick #6: When in a hurry, don’t blow-dry your nails to help them dry faster. This will cause air bubbles. Instead, place your newly polished fingernails in a bowl of cold water.

Tip and Trick #7: Other than the being chi-free we also can’t avoid “coloring out of the lines” so for a fast clean-up, take a cotton swab and soak the tip with a bit of nail polish remover. Run the tip over the sides of your nail.

In cases of emergency

Following the above tips and tricks will not guarantee indestructibility. You need to be careful not to cause chipping to your nails but if in case something does go wrong, think out of the box and find a way to make the chip look better.

Assess whether the chip is retouch-able or not, first of all. If it’s beyond a retouch then you have no choice but to erase the whole thing. If the damage is not that big, get your creative juices percolating and try putting a nail sticker on the damaged part or dab on hand painted designs on it to make it unnoticeable.

Good luck and have fun with it!