My Way: How to Neaten Up Your Brows

Have you ever looked at the mirror and find everything on your face perfect with the exception of your brows? I bet we’ve all had days like that. Your eyes may be the windows to your soul but your browse are considered as the frames to your windows so they’re just as important. Your brows frame your face and they can change the way you look when you shape them differently. You can go from glamorous to angelic just by changing your brow’s arch.

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I’ve also recently colored my hair and the color turned out to be lighter than expected so, for me and for everyone out there who has the same kind of dilemma, it’s an absolute must to do your brows before going out into the world lest you want your dyed hair to be blatant.

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A good way to tell the world that your hair color is not natural.

I’ll show you how I do my brows! It may not be exactly how the experts do it but it works for me so it might work for you too.

What I Use to Neaten Up My Brows:

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1. Powder foundation — I’m using Maybelline’s BB Silk Cake Powder. I did a review on it and it may not have worked for me as an everyday foundation but its coverage is just right for clean ups.

2. Concealer — I’m using the Maybelline Power Mineral Concealer

3. Brow Pencil — Ever Billena in Brown. I’ll be doing a review on this pretty soon.

4. Everbillena’s Brow Tool and Blush Brush

NOTE: You can use any make-up that you already have. The main rule is to go with a brow liner shade that’s three times lighter than your hair color.


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1. Apply concealer around your brows. You can also apply a bit of it on your brows to help lighten the color.

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2. Set everything by dusting a bit of foundation on the same area where you applied your concealer. Don’t worry if your brows look dusty because that’s what we’re aiming for.

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3. Now it’s time to line your brows. Use your trusty brow pencil to draw a line on the bottom and top of your brows. Trace your natural brow shape and then fill in everything in between. Do small strokes when filling in between your brows so the outcome is more natural. Blend everything using your brush tool.

How to Neaten Up Your Brows (9)4. Once you have the desired shape and softness that you want, take a little bit of your powder and apply it on the bottom and top of your brow to make it even neater. You can also apply a bit on the area where your brow starts.

How to Neaten Up Your Brows (10)Important NOTE to remember: Your brows don’t have to look exactly the same. Try your best to make them look even and neat.


You don’t ┬áhave to do it exactly how I did. You can also experiment with different shapes with varying thickness. You can also make your brows as sharp or as blended as you like.

I went for a thicker, straighter shape so it looks more natural.

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