Moisturise and Rejuvenate Your Body Skin in Four Wonderful Steps

Our skin, the largest organ of the body, along with its aesthetic beauty it also serves many vital life functions. These functions include protecting water loss, and acting as a barrier to the suns damaging UV rays. The skin also features sebum glands that produce sebum (oil) which has anti-inflammatory properties among its roles. 

Most of us take a lot of time in taking care of our facial skin in the name of beauty, and to hold on to our youth, but sometimes we overlook or perhaps not pay the attention that we should to our body skin.   

Luckily, keeping our body skin soft and healthy is actually quite simple, and enjoyable. In four easy steps we’ll show you just how simple:

1. Body Shampoo: to gently wash away dirt and bacteria
2. Body Moisturizer: to moisturize and keep our skin soft
3. Body Scrub: to exfoliate the dead skin, deep cleansing the skin, enhance penetration of body moisturizer
4. Body Butter: a rich moisturizer that nourishes and relaxes the skin for dry and really dry skin. To prevent moisture loss in dry or winter environments.


All over Body Shampoo
Body Shampoo comes in mainly cream, milk and gel types. Body Shampoos are a popular alternative to bar soap for cleansing, when it comes to hygiene and convenience. The after-use storage of bar soap is more susceptible to exposure from ineffective material than Body Shampoo. The hydrating and moisturizing effects that shower gel and shower cream provide also make it a wise choice.

Dry skin and normal skin will benefit from a shower cream or shower milk, while shower gel is more suitable for oily skin as a gel wash provides more cleansing foaming action than shower cream.

Why use Body Moisturizer:
As we get older our skin gradually loses its ability to retain water, also losing its elasticity and become dry and start to wrinkle. With proper care we can slow down this process, a regular application of body moisturizer can help your skin considerably.

Benefits of using body Moisturizer:
• Skin dryness prevention, moisturize the dry skin, help to keep skin smooth and retain some of its elasticity. Many products also contain vitamins that also give the skin a boost.
• Specific body moisturizer types help prevent peeling, splitting and body rash.
• A body moisturizer can be applied to arms, hands, palm, figures, elbows, knees, thigh, legs and feet.
• Protects our skin from chemicals and skin drying detergents. Even if we use rubber gloves our hands are not completely protected.

Why use a Body Scrub:
The scrub is used to soften, exfoliate, revitalize, tone and moisturize the skin. There are two ways to use a scrub; Use it dry before shower or use when you are in shower and follow with shower shampoo to cleanse off the residue. But don’t do any shaving or hair removal treatment on that day, as some scrubs can irritate just-shaved skin.

Focus on the particularly dry skin of your heels and elbows to help remove the dead skin completely. Be sure to rinse off all of the scrub when you are finished. A rich body lotion or oil afterwards moisturizes your newly exfoliated skin and will make your skin soft, supple and glow like new skin.

The benefits of using Body Scrub:
• Remove dead skin
• Rejuvenate the skin
• The best way to remove a skin tan
• The body lotion penetrates deeper to active layer of skin after the dead skin is removed
• The skin will fully absorb moisturizer, revealing soft, supple and smooth skin.
• Removes dead skin cells and impurities while enhancing detoxification and increasing blood circulation.
• Reduce the appearance of ‘orange peel’ via regular use of body scrub

How to Scrub:
Apply the body scrub to your skin, and massage in circular motions, press slightly harder when the circular motion goes upward for an anti-sagging result. Be sure that every part of your skin except neck and face are treated and covered. Massage to your skin at a comfortable level, as too much pressure can do damage to the skin and cause irritation. Do not get any water into your scrub product because this will lessen its shelf life. Scrub once a week or two.

The Difference between Body Moisturizer and Body Butter:
Body butter is usually richer, greasier and thicker than moisturizer. It mostly made with cocoa, shea, mango, or kukui butter. Wax is added to some products. It is not as watery as body moisturizer so it stays on skins superficial layer longer to nourish and soften the rough and dry skin. The body butter is used on dry or really dry skin;  it can be also be used as a spot-treatment on a dry area.

Having a light consistency body lotion moisturizer is absorbed faster by skin, however for dry or really dry skin, body moisturizer won’t be rich enough to soften and smooth the skin. This is where body butter is great, especially in winter time, and body lotion is more appealing in hot weather and for skin that isn’t that so dry.

How to apply Body Butter:
Apply small amount on skin and spread it on as thin as you can. Massage until completely absorbed. The best time is after a hot bath, as the hot bath will open up skin pores, so that the skin absorbs faster and the product will penetrate deeper into the skin. Apply twice daily for dry and very dry skin.

Ending Tip: for a total pampering of your body skin, take some time to exfoliate your skin with a scrub, bathe with hot water to relax and open your pores, dry off and gently massage the body butter into your skin until absorbed. Your skin will be toned and rejuvenated, becoming soft, smooth and supple.