Making a Scent Last All Day Experiment

Bath and Body Works - Cover - Making Your Scent Last

Fragrances have always been something that I couldn’t do without. The main problem that I had, though, was for the scent to last longer than a few hours. I’ve used different kinds of sprays, mists, colognes, and splashes in the past thinking that a change in medium (not sure if this is the right term) will possibly make the smell last longer. It didn’t, of course with the exception of me wearing perfume ( those last a long time).

It wasn’t until recently when I experimented with applying the same scent on my body via body wash, lotion and mist that I was greeted with better results. The truth is, using this kind of method won’t make a fragrance scent last 24 hours (c’mon, let’s be realistic) but I found that it does last significantly longer so I wanted to share my experience.

Scent: Bath & Body Works White Citrus

Body Wash

Bath and Body Works Shower Cream - White CitrusStarting off with body wash. There’s no right or wrong way to use body wash; I think. You just lather it on with a loofah — that’s how I do it. Mea’s tip: One special trick that I could share is to let the lather stay on for 5 minutes. If you’ve been doing that already then great! You’re on the right track. I usually brush my teeth while I wait.

Body Cream or Lotion

Bath and Body Works Body Cream - White CitrusSo what’s the difference between a lotion and a body cream? The body cream is thicker because it’s designed to moisturize your skin even more. I like using it because of the body cream’s formula; I think the scent lasts longer too (a non-professional opinion). Mea’s tip: Right after a bath or a shower, pat your skin dry lightly, leaving your skin slightly moist. Apply body cream (or lotion could work too). It could feel greasy at first but it’ll feel better once the moisture evaporates.

Body Oil (Optional)

Bath and Body Works Body Oil - White CitrusThis one is totally optional. I just like to actually spray something on my body instead of just my clothes, plus my legs need a little bit more moisture so I use (or spray on) body oil. I hold the spray an arm’s length away from the area I want to moisturize and then I spray it twice.

Body Mist

Bath and Body Works Body Mist - White CitrusThe last step is to spray the fragrance mist on yourself as a finishing touch.

Lasting Power

I usually leave the house at around 10am and then go back at around 6pm. Without any spritzing touch-ups, a hint of the scent will still be there. Throughout the day, the scent does fade away but I like that it’s not so obvious. If I feel like it, I’ll touch-up with one spritz but that’s about it because the scent still lingers; you don’t really need to spray that much. I like how the scent sticks on my clothes too.

Suggested Combinations

If you think that a combination for 4 products is just too much you can try maybe three or just two. Here’s what I suggest:

Body Wash, Body Cream or Lotion, Fragrance Mist

Bath and Body Works - White Citrus - Shower, Lotion, Mist

Body Oil, Fragrance Mist

Bath and Body Works White Citrus - Body Oil, Fragrance Mist

Fragrance Mist, Body Cream or Lotion

Bath and Body Works White Citrus - Fragrance Mist, Body Cream or Lotion

I just love this scent! Do you have your favorite Bath & Body Works scent? How do you layer on your scents?

Signature - Mea P. (Author)