Makeup Look Tutorial: Smokey Eye with Grey, Blue and Black

It’s been a while since I did a smokey eye so I’m posting a tutorial on it today.

When my aunt came home from the US, she gave me a Victoria’s Secret Super Model on the Go Makeup Kit and that’s what I’m going to use for this tutorial. The kit has 4 mini palettes in a case and I’m going to use this one which is suppose to be used for night looks.

Smokey Eye Using this Palette  from Victorias SecretI’ll be using everything in this palette except for the lip gloss (not really a lip gloss fan). You can use something similar in terms of the colors or you can play around with other colors like green, brown or even purple.

Step 1

Start with your eyes. Since we’re doing a darker look, I’m going to put on foundation a little later so I can clean up the messy fall out (if there is any) from my eye color application. In any case, it’s always a good idea to start with your eyes before your foundation when playing with darker colors.

Highlight underneath browsI’ve already done my brows here as well as put a makeup base on my eyelids. Apply the highlighting color, which is the golden shimmery one on the palette, underneath your brows.

Step 2

Take a little bit of the grey and apply it on your lids. I used a fairly fluffy brush but the best brush for this is a flat one so you can really concentrate the colors on your eye lids.Take the grey color and apply it on your lids

Step 3

Take the midnight blue and apply it to your crease. I applied this color from the outer point of my crease until the inner point, forming a horizontal C that faces downward. So again, midnight blue from the outer tip of your eye, apply it only on your crease, until the inner tip of your eye. I used an angled eye shadow brush to apply and blend the color.

Take the dark blue color and apply it on your creaseStep 4

Using the same brush, take a little bit of the black and, also, apply it on your crease. This time, instead of going from the outer tip of your eye all the way to the inner tip, apply the black half way. A good tip to remember is you don’t have to take a lot of the black. Build the color until you reach your desired shade.
Take the black and emphasize your crease with it

Step 5

So the eye makeup looks put together, take a bit of grey and apply it on the inner part of your lower lashline until about half way. Apply eyeliner on your upper lashline. I did not do a wing because I wanted to simplify this look as much as possible.

Apply eyeliner and a little bit of grey on your inner canthusStep 6

Take a little of your midnight blue color and apply it from the outer point of your lower lashline until about half way. Apply 2 coats of mascara and you’re done with the eyes. Here’s a quick look at where the colors and products go:

Map of Colors and Produts for the Eye

Step 7

Now you can do your foundation. Go ahead and apply whatever foundation you have. Next, contour and highlight. I’ve already done a tutorial on this which you can check here. Apply a nude lip color on your lips. Any nude lip color will work. Nude is a good lip color to pair with smokey eyes.

Contour and Highlight your Face after Foundation and apply a nude lipcolorStep 8

Apply blush. I just used the blush that’s on the palette. Generally, you can use bronzer – yes, just bronzer – or a blush that’s not over powering. All you really need, when using blush in this look, is a light dusting on your cheeks.

Dont forget blushStep 9

Let down your hair and wear your confidence. I didn’t really do my hair here but this look could work with updos, straight hair and bouncy curls.

Final Look from the VS Palette

  • Make sure that you blend.
  • You don’t have to be particular with the makeup brushes you use in creating this look. If you have the right tools then great but if you don’t, use whatever you have and just blend everything out.
  • Make sure your cheeks and lips are downplayed.
  • You can skip contouring and highlighting but this step adds more definition to your face.

Finished Smokey Eye LookSo here’s the finished look. Practice if you didn’t do so well your first time, it happens. Just keep on practicing so you can improve. You can wear this look to parties and other social events. Have fun with it!

Signature - Mea P. (Author)