Make-Up Remover Challenge: Local VS Imported Brand

Make-up removers — they have to be reliable. That’s a given since you don’t really want to have left-over make-up on your face while you sleep. It’s not going to be good for your skin so you need a make-up remover that gets all of your foundation, lipstick, eyeshadow and mascara off . With this thought in mind, I wanted to test out how my two make-up removers do against each other — how reliable they are in removing make-up.

The Removers I Have

I don’t really use make-up on a daily basis but I do make-up tutorials and how-to videos so I definitely need to use make-up remover when I finish a shoot.

I decided to buy one from a local brand (Philippines) about a month ago. The brand is called Ever Bilena (EB) and it’s primarily for your eyes and your lips. I’ve used it a couple of times already so, ,more or less, I can tell how it’s performance will be.
Make-Up Remover -- 2

A few days ago, my bestfriend gifted me a Clinique Take the Day Off make-up remover. The name’s pretty clever, don’t you think? I was excited to try it out and see how it does against the one that I already have.

Make-Up Remover -- 3

They’ll be Removing…

I applied the make-up look that I usually wear when I go out with friends or when I have an occasion to attend. It’s pretty light and I like it that way. I put on: 1. Foundation, 2. Concealer, 3. Powder, 4. Contour & Highlight, 5. Blush, 6. Eyeshadow, 7. Mascara and 8. Lipstick. So it’s pretty much the basic stuff. I let everything sit for 1 and a half hours just so the make-up settles on my face.

I’ll be applying EB on one side and then Clinique on the other.

Make-Up Remover -- 4

Ever Bilena

So I tried my EB make-up remover first and as usual it’s performance is the same. I’d say that I usually soak about 75% of one cotton ball. It got most of my foundation, eyeshadow and lipstick off. Removing my mascara (waterproof with primer) was a different story. It stings a little when I try to apply it on my lashes and it doesn’t do a really good job in removing waterproof mascara.

Make-Up Remover -- 5


The Clinique make-up remover isn’t as big as my EB one so I got a little stingy. I only soaked about 50% of the cotton ball. I applied it on the same parts of my face but on the opposite side — lashes included. Like my EB make-up remover, it got most of the stuff that I put on my face out — my lisptick, my eyeshadow, my foundation and etc.

Make-Up Remover -- 6

The Difference

The main difference though is with removing my mascara. Since it’s waterproof, it’s harder to remove but it was no sweat for the Clinique make-up remover. With my EB make-up remover, I’d have to carefully swipe the cotton ball on my lashes several times to get all of the mascara off. With the Clinique make-up remover, I only had to swipe the cotton ball on my lashes for a few times and it came right off. It stung a little less than the EB one too.

Make-Up Remover -- 7

Testing it Further

I wanted to really test it further to see if there were any make-up trails left. I washed my face and then I took a picture.

TADA! This really proves that my EB make-up remover doesn’t do a good job at removing mascara from my lashes. It’s great for my foundation, eyeshadow and lisptick but when it comes to removing waterproof mascara, I’ll stick to my Clinique make-up remover.

Make-Up Remover -- 8

The Recap

  1. Both are great make-up removers for foundation, eyeshadow and lipstick.
  2. Clinique is better at removing mascara off of lashes.
  3. Clinique has a less greasy feel on your face.
  4. Clinique stings a little less when it gets on your eyes.

Make-Up Remover -- 9

I’d have to give Clinique the point for this one.

How about you? What type of make-up remover do you use?