Make-Up Products Under $3 by Emilynoel83

Emily Eddington, or better known as Emilynoel83, is a Youtube Beauty Guru who makes really fun and informative Youtube videos about make-up and beauty. She’s also on our Top 10 favorite YouTube Beauty Vlogger List because of her videos that feature or talk about drug store make-up brands that really stand out.

On this video, she talks about note-worthy make-up items that are under $3 (YES, under $3!!). The brands mentioned include, Wet n’ Wild, ELF, Red Cherry, Ioni and many more.

If you think that cheap make-up won’t cut it, think again. Emily explains why she just loves the make-up that she has that are under $3! She’s already tried them out (several times) and she’s even wearing some while she’s doing this video. She just might be able to change your mind about make-up brands that are on the cheaper side.