GO GO GO! Make-up in Ten Minutes!

You probably read the title of this article two times. Yes, it is possible, just in case you’re wondering for the third time. This 10-min make-up guide will help you get a natural and fresher look – with glowing skin, brighter eyes, a flushed cheek and moisturized lips.  Perfect for everyday!

Make-up is amazing, isn’t it? A bit of foundation, eyeliner, mascara, blush and lip color can do wonders. And those are exactly what we need for this simple how-to in applying make-up within 10 minutes. Let’s get to it!

Things to do before putting make-up on:

1. Make sure that your hands are clean. The fastest way to put make-up on and blend it at the same time is by using your hands so make sure they’re clean.

2. Get your essentials (mentioned earlier) ready. If you have a kabuki or blush brush, an eyelash curler and a brow brush then get those ready as well. You’re in a hurry, right?

3. Have some cotton swabs or tissue ready just in case you have to clean any smudges or mistakes when applying your 10-minute make-up.

Ready? Time starts now:

2 minutes: Get your foundation. For a dewy looking skin, the best foundation to use would be liquid. A powder foundation is also alright if you want a more matte look. Get your foundation and evenly apply it all over your face.

Liquid: Put a little amount on your finger tips and apply it all over your face like how you would apply moisturizer. Remember to blend.

Powder: Get your blush brush or kabuki brush. Swirl it over your powder foundation and then evenly put it over your face with the same swirly motion.

2 minutes: Get your eyeliner. For this step, any eyeliner is good as long as you’ve been practicing how to use it. If not, then a pencil eyeliner is ideal. Line your upper waterline only. This is called tight-lining. This will help make your lashes look naturally thicker. We don’t recommend lining your lower waterline. This will close up your eyes.

2 minutes: Get your eyelash curler and curl your lashes. Put on mascara. Depending on what you want, you can either go for one coat or two coats. You may still have spare time so go ahead and neaten up your brows by brushing them.

2 minutes: Almost done! Get your blush and moderately apply them on your cheeks. For a more natural effect, it’s best to use mousses or tints. If you have a powdered blush, that will work too. Just remember that blending is always the key!

2 minutes: Last step! Get your favorite lipbalm or lipstick and sweep it on your lips! You can also use lip gloss if you want but go for colored lip balms or tints if you want something natural.

Looking fresher now?

It’s possible that it’s hasn’t been 10mins yet.  Even though you only have very limited time, always remember to blend everything properly.

With this simple make-up application,  aim for a fresher look that’s natural and wearable.

Good luck and let us know if you made it in 10 minutes or less!