The Make Up Trends That Are Going to Rock in 2017

Now that a brand new year is here, it’s better to know the upcoming beauty trends in advance so you can rock them before anybody else can. Isn’t that exciting? Forge your own way through the fashion pack with some of these makeup looks you can start wearing before they’re trending.

6 Makeup Trends You Can Wear in 2017

Return of the Lip Gloss

MakeUp Trends 2017 | Lip Gloss

If 2016 was all about matte lipstick, this year, lip gloss will definitely be back for a refreshing change. Although matte lipstick will still be a favorite, many might already opt for a more glossy finish.

Using Blush as Eye Shadow

MakeUp Trends 2017 | EyeShadow Blush

Pastel-like blush colors can be applied on the eyes instead of the cheeks. You can choose a golden coral blush or a peony pink and apply it on as a full eye shadow.

Eyeliner Can be a Perennial Favorite

MakeUp Trends 2017 | Eyeliner

No matter the season or the occasion, anyone can look good when sporting eyeliner. Especially, when the eyeliner is drawn into a cat-eye or a wing.

Retro Cheeks

MakeUp Trends 2017 | Retro Blush

Lots of blush will be seen this coming 2017 but they will come with a twist! – a fun 80’s twist. If you are a fan of blush too, you can try wearing it on the apple of the cheeks and concentrate on your cheekbones. Swipe it upward towards the ears and temples. If you find this look a little bit daring then we suggest you pick softer shades.

Bold Makeup

MakeUp Trends 2017 | Bold Eyes

This look does not really require a lot except that you work on your eyes by mixing colors like pink and orange or orange golds. When it comes to your eyebrows, go for the stronger brows but pick a brighter shade for the blush. If you are the type who enjoys experimenting with make-up then this one’s a fun thing to try.

Beautiful, Glowing, Skin

MakeUp Trends 2017 | Glowing Skin

Like what most dermatologists would advice, less is more, when it comes to taking good care of your skin. That means that less makeup, concealers, toners and everything else will be a lot better, because it all boils down to one thing – a healthy skin is a beautiful skin.

But no, you are not being told to stop using and having fun with makeup but it’s better if they are used to enhance your naturally beautiful skin. The natural makeup look may work with anyone who just really wants to work with less makeup to avoid making or dealing with more skin problems.

Wash of Colors

MakeUp Trends 2017 | Bold Eyeshadow

This year, expect a beautiful wash of different colors most especially for eyeshadows. If you’re daring enough, you can go with shades of pinks, peaches and violets, so it’s time to ditch your traditional eye shadows.

Twiggy-inspired Eyelashes

MakeUp Trends 2017 | Twiggy Lashes

This doll-eyed look with super long lashes is set to be fashionable once again. You can achieve this by using eyelash extensions on top of your lashes instead of just using heavy mascara. Don’t forget to apply the black eyeliner first before the false lashes.

Have you spotted any of these trends being sported by beauty bloggers or gurus? We’re personally looking forward to the Twiggy lashes coming back. For more trends, tips and tutorials, check out other posts on our blog.