Let’s Straighten Things Out! Hair Straightening Tips

Commonly practiced and loved by many — hair straightening methods have developed over the years. There are now countless ways to straighten your hair without even going to a hair salon. Teenagers, career women, and even moms usually don’t start their day unless they’ve blow-dried or ironed their hair straight.

Most of the time, we blindly just go right ahead and blow-dry, iron, or use hair straighteners without even taking the proper precautions to protect our mane. We go to salons and opt for chemical hair straightening without even knowing the right after care. Long and straight hair is good, but a long, straight, and healthy hair is better.

The damage report. Here are the most common methods known to straighten hair and their effects:

1. Blow-drying — Not too much damage. The result of blow-drying is moisture loss because of the heat. If you have chemically treated hair then it could really result to some serious drought issues.

Our suggestion: Don’t blow dry your hair while it’s soggy. Make sure that you dry it out a little before blow-drying. Use heat protector products and apply on minimal heat.

2. Flat-ironing — More damaging the blow-drying. This methods exposes hair to direct heat. Though it’s quick the down-side of this would be insane frizziness if the humidity is up.

Our suggestion: Properly conditioning your hair is the best way for you to protect it. Using heat protectors will help as well but the trick to everything is to maintain moisture.

3. Brazilian hair straightening — This method will involve a keratin formula and a flat-iron. ┬áPossibly hazardous if it contains formaldehyde which is a carcinogen. It’s effective (semi-permanent) but it’s a possible health hazard too.

Our suggestion: Think before you leap. You will have your desired effect but you’d have to get it done in a salon that you trust.

4. Japanese hair straightening — This is a type of permanent hair straightening method which uses a flat-iron, a neutralizer and a special formula. the chemicals are pretty strong so it works on all curls but it can leave your hair dry and frizzy.

Our suggestion: Condition, condition, condition. Some salons will even suggest a leave-on conditioner to help. Using the right hair products will definitely be beneficial.

5. Hair relaxers — This process is also chemical by nature. After the process is done, your hair will be susceptible to breaking and damage so it’s always advisable to have a rigid hair care routine as after care.

Our suggestion: Stay away from brushes for the mean time. Use a wide tooth comb instead. Deep-conditioning your hair will help restore its moisture so you have to do so every 2 weeks.

Using heat and chemicals could work but here’s a better idea. This is how ┬áto straighten your hair without heat or chemicals -You’ll need:

  • Anti-frizz products
  • Other styling products
  • Get it straight from Goody or something similar

Step 1: Make sure that your hair is about 70% damp.

Step 2: Apply your favorite anti-frizz serum.

Step 3: Use the Get it straight velcro strips to “sandwich” your hair.

Step 4: Wait for it to totally dry and then pull the strips downward one by one to get them off.

Extra step: Style as desired.

Good luck in your straightening journey!