Less is more: How to do a Natural Make-Up look

When we hear the word “make-up” a lot of things pop up in our head. A lot of those things could be smokey eye shadow, red lips and dramatic lashes. While a part of that is true, make-up doesn’t always have to be like that. Make-up could be natural and enhancing rather than transforming.

This is a how-to for a very simple, natural make-up look that everyone can do everyday! Read on for added tips and trick that you could try yourself.

So what exactly are we aiming for?

What we want is dewy skin, bright eyes, flushed cheeks, and natural pinkish lips – and we’ll tell you exactly how to get them.

Dewy skin:

Start by priming your face. Choose a foundation that’s close to your skin tone. Remember to choose a foundation that’s right for your skin type. Apply it with a foundation brush or a stippling brush (you can use your fingers if you don’t have these brushes). Apply concealer afterwards.

Tip and trick: You can skip the part where you set your foundation with powder since we want a dewy finish. You have primer on so you have nothing to worry about.

Bright eyes:

Tidy-up your brows by using a brow comb. We want your brows to look natural so when filling them in, you have to use light strokes. Remember to choose a brow color that’s 3 shades lighter than your natural hair color. Brush again to blend the brow pencil. Next is to curl your lashes and use your favorite mascara. Two coats will do. Eye shadow is optional but if you must go for earthly colors rather than bright colors.

Tip and trick: Use a white or a peach eyeliner on your lower waterline. This will open up your eyes more and give you that fresh, “awake” look.

Flushed cheeks:

The technique to getting really natural flushed cheeks is to go for a blush that suits your skin color. Smile! So that the apples of your cheeks pop-out then apply your blush there.

Tip and trick: Powder blushes don’t really get the same kind of effect as cheek tints. If you’re going for a more long lasting natural look, we definitely recommend a tint instead of a powder blush.

Natural pinkish lips:

The general rule of make-up is your lip color should be the same or close to your cheek color. You could always choose not to follow this rule as long as you’re opting for natural colors that, again, suit your skin tone. We recommend a tint, too, for your lips. It has a natural finish and you don’t have to apply it often because it doesn’t come out that easily.

Tip and trick: While you’re brushing your teeth, gently exfoliate your lips by running your toothbrush over them. Don’t brush too hard – gentle circular strokes will do. After brushing, apply your favorite lipbalm to moisturize your lips.

The finishing touch (Don’t skip this part)

To top everything off and make it bright put on a highlighter. A highlighter could be anything from shimmery eye shadows to light refracting creams.

Put some on the highest point of your cheeks, below your brow bone, in the inner corners of your eyes, and on your cupids bow for that natural glow.

Now, how do you look? Wear this timeless no make-up look everywhere – in school, at the office or on a date. Good luck!


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