Kylie Jenner’s Makeup Secrets

We all know what Kylie Jenner is known for. Aside from her voluptuous backside which we can all gaze at in abundance in her Instagram account (a Kardashian trademark), she’s also known for her lips that seem to have grown overnight. Everybody remembers the infamous Kylie Jenner lip challenge, right? Well, admittedly, Kylie has confessed to getting lip fillers, but the world soon over looked this fact because, plump lips or not, she still looks fierce and fabulous.

What’s her secret to looking this way?


We’ve observed a few of her makeup videos on YouTube. Aside from the fact that she’s a natural beauty, she, along with her makeup artist, has a few makeup tricks right up her sleeve that are simple enough for us to do on ourselves:

1. Lip Gloss = Plumper Looking Lips

If you want your lips too look plumper, all you have to do is apply a dab of lip gloss on the center of your upper and lower lip. This gives the illusion of pouting lips. This technique tricks the eye by allowing more light to reflect on the center of your lips. Of course,the effect won’t be as drastic. This means that your thin lips won’t instantly look like Angelina Jolie’s when you apply lip gloss but it will look plumper than it usually is because it catches more light.

2. Fluttery, Long Eyelashes

Because we’re not all gifted with voluminous upper and bottom lashes like the Kardashians, we will settle for false eyelashes that are thick and long. The trick here is to choose lashes that are whispy yet natural looking. One great example we can think of is Lilly Lashes by Lilly Ghalichi.

If you can find bottom lashes to pair with your upper whispy lashes, you’ll be all set!Kylie Jenner Makeup Secrets

3. Bronzer and Contour

You should know the difference and you shouldn’t skip on both when you’re going for a glam look. The difference between a bronzer and a contour is this:

  • A bronzer has light refracting qualities. This means that it’s shimmery and sometimes sparkly.
  • Contour, on the other hand, is more matte because it is used to apply “shadows” on the face.

Applying both bronzer and contour can be trick if you’re a beginner but as soon as you understand your own facial structure, the application will become easier and you’ll be able to play around with how you apply the two products. So practice until you get it right!

4. Smokey and Bronze Using a Bit of Tape

In one of Kylie’s makeup videos, her makeup artist was getting her ready for her birthday celebration. The artist decided to go for a brown and bronzy eye makeup (which is what Kylie has on herself, most of the time). To get the right angle for the eye colors as well as the eyeliner, Kylie’s makeup artist applied tape from the tip of the end of her eyes to her hairline.

5. Thick Brows Don’t Need to Be Filled in

Kylie also has thick brows just like her Kardashian sisters, so, on the same video where they used the tape, her makeup artist decided to just brush the hairs on her brows and neaten them up a little bit because they didn’t need any “filling” or redrawing.

Everybody wants the faded brows we see in most pictures on the internet nowadays, but if your brows are already on the thick side, all you have to do is to brush them into the right place and then fill in the small gaps (if any) using an eye shadow that’s the same color as your brow hair.

If you’re a beginner in makeup, some of these tips might need more practice for you to do but when you improve in applying these techniques, you’ll find that you can look glitzy and glam every day, just like Kylie Jenner.