Kate Moss – Ever the Style Icon

kmKate Moss

A new look

Kate Moss changed the look of modeling when she entered in the early 90’s she is not the conventional beauty that you see in runways at that time. With big names like Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista et al walk the runways before; they are the goddesses, the baptized supermodels from the era of Gianni Versace. Kate Moss was certainly not the bustiest or the tallest of the bunch. She has freshness and allure in her that cannot be turned down on a catwalk. Basically, Kate Moss changed the modeling industry forever with the entry of waif models-thinner, and much more youthful. Of course during that time, models still have the persona and temperament and Kate Moss surely has personality more than just a face.

A cover girl

Kate Moss landed the biggest gigs to date and she has become the highest paid models of her time. Until now, her rates are very much higher compared to big players for contemporary designs. She landed a lot of campaigns for ready to wear, perfumes, and other commercial products. She became the face of beauty and the face of sexy luxury. She has drama, she has amazing drive and she got a unique face and uncompromisingly desirable appeal. She landed gigs for Bvlgari and for YSL Parissiene for the more contemporary samples. She landed tons of editorials and magazine covers multiple times even in 1 year. Even if she does not walk in the catwalk anymore, her appeal never wanes in the magazine world.

A designer

Kate Moss designs her own line at Top shop, a popular British high street line and her fashion direction is truly amazing. Her collections for the brand are always selling out like pancakes. From dresses to tunics, from shorts to pants, her designs exude the brilliantly Brit style that she is famous for. She combines clothing like it’s nobody’s business. She has a unique personal style but of course many tried to adopt her look as well. The Kate Moss look does not put that much make up on all together. It could be a sexy lip or a smoldering eye. Nothing overpowers the Kate Moss appeal. She has made a name f her own in her style and sensibilities.

A true icon

Though she was bombarded with issues about substance abuse and violence, Kate Moss has remained steady and strong. Her professionalism was rewarded with multitudes of campaigns and her look is always at the front line of fashion even now. She has captivated the world and her look will be on the pedestal of fashion past, present and future. She is Kate Moss, a true fashion icon and a face that changed the world (of fashion) forever.



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