Jewelry Trends: Bring on Nature vs Geek

This season, many designers took a lot of elements from nature but they also tried to incorporate something new. Adding multiple layers, combining nature with technology and fine with simplistic, the jewelry trends for 2011 are nothing less of exciting. This season is not a turn back to minimalism when it comes to jewelry. If you cannot invest too much on fabric, then spend more on jewelry. It just makes sense since accessories tend to be very much in vogue for longer periods of time than clothing, go for the gold in the trends for the season and enjoy!

Sea Urchins, flowers, plumes and serpents slither around the fingers, necks and ears of models in the haute couture collections. Alexander McQueen’s Brass Sea Urchin cuff appeals to the creatures of the sea and the arms of lucky women. Plumes of peacock swoon over the necks of women for Chanel fine jewelry. They may not be as colorful, but being diamond encrusted, it is not bad a plume to attract the most discriminating eyes. At Dior Fine Jewelry, bold colors and bold designs create an overload of beauty. A rose ring in diamonds, red and green gems over yellow gold looks flourishing on the finger of a Hollywood celebrity. A snake slithers across the hoop earrings for a more Bollywood effect. The snake concept was reiterated on a desirable serpent ring in deep rose, brilliant green, on a turquoise stone. Elephants and whales look luxurious as brooches in Boucheron. A serpentine necklace from Lanvin in blue and gold are the most opulent of all in the natural series.

Lanvin never keeps jewelry out of sight. This season, piles and layers of necklaces as well as chunky bangles look very desirable. There is so much opulence going on that you cannot help it but join the bandwagon. Amazing designs from Lanvin come from a large chain metal necklace with a massive and intricate pendant of turquoise and purple stones on a silvery bronze base. The most desirable are those enamel necklaces that are shaped like two tigers at both ends layered with a string of smaller chain necklaces.

More and more

Enameled bangles from Hermes in rich colors and amazing bracelets in chunky materials at Louis Vuitton can be stacked up to create an amazing dramatic effect. This season is all about either piling it up or keeping it bare. Layers upon layers of necklaces are very much in vogue up to now. It will make a simple outfit look desirable and opulent.

Unexpected materials
From gold, silver, Lucite, plexiglass to organic materials, the jewelry for this season is just teeming with amazing combinations.

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