Instantly Adjust Your Favorite Jeans

Everyone loves a fabulous pair of jeans, but achieving the perfect fit throughout can be a challenge. With so many different styles of denim in the world it is often difficult to find jeans that fit your length, slim your legs and hug your waist perfectly.

Jeans that are too big on the waist can leave an unflattering and uncomfortable gap in the back. This is a common result for many people who have what is considered a pear-shaped body. However, jeans that are too tight in the waist on an apple-shaped body can create the “muffin-top.” This is what happens when the waistline is squeezed so tight it puffs out over the jeans – similar to a muffin.

Fashion Spy has just gotten word on a company that has come out with a solution to these waistline issues for men or women. The Adjust-A-Button is a moveable button that allows you to instantly add or subtract the size of the waistline of the jeans. All you need to do is place the new button on either side of the existing button – wherever is most comfortable. Each set comes with two durable metal buttons and putting them on your jeans is as simple as inserting a pin.

The Adust-A-Button is also great to give newly-pregnant women a little extra time in their favorite jeans or for anyone who indulges a little too much at the next big meal. By adding this new button there is no need for a bulky belt. You can wear your jeans comfortably and without the fear of embarrassing gaps or bulges in the waistline.