How-To Thursday: Using White Eyeliner

Getpretty - White Eyeliner CoverMost people engaged in the art of makeup know that white eyeliner is a nifty tool for making one look more awake. One just needs to apply it on their lower waterline and then PRESTO – bright, fresh-looking peepers in an instant. What you may not know however is that you can use the white eyeliner for other things too.

3 Surprising Uses of White Eyeliner

1. Use white eyeliner to outline the natural shape of your brow. This works when you’re the type of person that plucks their brow hairs out on a monthly basis. Take your white eyeliner and just follow the natural shape of your brow.

Getpretty - Outline your brow shapePluck out the hairs that are outside of the white line. You can even change the shape of your brow, if you wanted to. You can draw over the hairs so you can see if a certain brow shape looks good on your or not. This method helps you avoid getting carried away with the plucking, hence very helpful.

Getpretty - Pluck the hairs outside of the white line2. Use your favorite white eyeliner as a highlighter. Draw a thick, white line underneath your brows, on the inner corner of your eye and on your lower waterline.

Getpretty - Highlight essential areas using a white eyelinerYou can also do this on your cupid’s bow. This is the line at the center of your upper lips that swoop downward, giving your lips their shape.

Getpretty - Highlight your cupid's bow3. Use white eyeliner as an eye shadow base. Before putting on your eye shadow, take your white eyeliner and color in your lids with it. Spread out the product until you have a smooth, even canvas that you can put your eye shadows on. Since your base is white, the eye shadow colors will appear more vibrant.

Getpretty - Use as an eyeshadow baseThese 3 things alone assure you that the white eyeliner is an essential tool to have in your makeup arsenal so why not?

Do you have other tips on how to use white eyeliner in a different way? Don’t be shy to comment below so we can keep the conversation going.

Signature - Mea P. (Author)