How To Thursday: Simple but Sultry Eye Makeup Look

Getpretty.Com.Au - Simple but Sultry Tutorial (2) is officially going to designate one day of the week to bring you relevant how-to posts about beauty, skincare and life in general. Very exciting and to start things off with Getpretty’s How-To Thursday, here’s the very first that shows that putting on make-up doesn’t have to be complicated.

Here’s a How To Thursday tutorial for a Simple but Sultry eye makeup look using 2 palettes:

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The Sultry Angel palette is part of a bigger makeup kit by Victoria’s Secret called Supermodel on-the-go. I’ll be doing a review and a few other make-up looks on that pretty soon.

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The other palette that we’re going to use is Starry Night (01) by LOL (Lots of Love; an Australian cosmetic company). Let’s get started:

Getpretty.Com.Au - Simple but Sultry Tutorial (5)Start: Always start with a clean eye or a clean canvas. Apply the usual products you use before your eyeshadow: foundation, concealer, and primer (if you have). Fill in your brows too. Here’s how you apply the eye-color:

Getpretty.Com.Au - How To Thursday - Steps (2)Getpretty.Com.Au - How To Thursday - Steps (1)


  • We want to use a transitional color like the light plum to give the look more warmth. The chocolate brown color will define your crease better. The trick to making these 2 colors look diffused is, of course, blending. You would need a fluffy brush to do that.
  • When you apply the pink champagne color, make sure that you’re concentrating it on your lid area only. We don’t want to erase out the darker colors that we just applied.
  • It is the same with your sparkly color. Concentrate it more on the lids.
  • Suggested finishing touches: Apply the dark brown on your lower lashes and blend it out to make it look smokey. Take the pink champagne color and apply it on the inner corner of your eye and brow bone. Apply eyeliner. Apply mascara.

In my case, I wanted for the colors to show up better so I lined my eyes really close to the lashline. I also used mascara primer which explains why my lashes look white on the last picture.

Once you’ve done all of these, you should have something that looks like this:

Getpretty.Com.Au - Simple but Sultry Tutorial (6)You can wear this look on a date or on a night out. It looks really sexy and I think it compliments most skin tones. It’s not over the top at all which is what I love about it.

Very pretty under sunlight.
Very pretty under sunlight.

Did you try this tutorial out? Let us know how it went for you!

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