How-To Thursday: Look Thinner in Photos

FACT: If you have the magic of makeup on your side, its absolutely possible look thinner (and better) in photos without having to have surgery.

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One make up trick that you can do to look thinner in photos is by contouring and highlighting your face.

  • Contouring is basically create¬†shadows on your face to shape and define it more.
  • Highlighting, on the other hand, is like showing off some¬†features on your face by emphasizing them.

There are a number of ways that you could do it but i’ll gladly show you how I do my contouring and highlighting routine. Skill-wise, I think people who’ve had average experience with makeup can do this. It’s really easy to do and easy to remember.


What I Use

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  • The ELF Bronzing Cream in Sta Lucia.
  • Loreal’s Glam Bronze and I am just so proud of myself for almost hitting pan with this one.
  • Maybelline’s (I just love the name of this makeup line) Mineral Power Concealer; in my opinion the best concealer I’ve had ever used for highlighting. The shade has to be 2 shades lighter than your original skin color.


1-2 Step

The steps are actually pretty easy. So, I’ve already done my make-up (don’t forget to comment if you’d like me to do this look for next week) — foundation, brows, lipstick, mascara, everything except blush, contouring and highlighting.

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Step 1

Take a bit of your bronzer and trace the number 3 into the side of your face. Start from the temple, curving down until you’re underneath your cheek bone and then curving down again under your chin. Don’t forget the sides of your nose. Here’s how you do it visually:

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In my case, since I’m using a cream bronzer, I am going to buff these lines out with a clean dense, fluffy kabuki brush. I like this brush specifically because it buffs out anything from foundations to cream blushes, to cream bronzers.

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Step 2

Take your concealer and make 3 dots under your eye. Blend them with a patting motion. Use your fingers. You can then set this area using whatever powder you already have. By setting, I mean dusting on just a tiny amount of powder on the area where the concealer was spread.

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After that, apply your blush or your bronzer and you are all glammed up! Check out the before and the after picture. You can really tell the difference. My before cheeks looked plain, undefined and chubby but the after, well you be the judge.Getpretty - Contouring and Highlighting Made Simple (4)

Can you tell that I shaved off a few inches on my face?

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It does take practice but you’ll get there. If you have your own highlighting and contouring routine to share, we’d love to hear it! Don’t be shy, leave us a comment or send us a message anytime!

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