How-To Thursday: Look Like a Victoria’s Secret Model

What secret does Victoria have? It could be the lingerie’s, it could be the makeup line, or it could be the models. I’m betting on the last one and you probably are too! I watched a few runway shows and I noticed that the girls’ makeup looks aren’t really that complicated but they are still VAVAVOOM so I though that I might attempt (because I only do makeup as a hobby and not professionally so everyone knows) to make a version of my own. A word of caution though, my eyes were puffy when I made this so you might see unevenness here and there.

Let’s get started.

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As always, I don’t really want you to buy this exact same thing IF you have similar colors that are already on your makeup kit. We are also going to use other makeup items like:

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Step 1: Foundation

Apply your foundation and concealer. Now, I can post how I do mine here but it’ll be too long so I am going to do that on a separate post (SOON). Oh, I almost forgot, I applied primer on my eyelids apart from foundation and concealer.

Getpretty.Com.Au - VictoriasSecretModel


Step 2: Brows & Contour

The next step is to do your brows and contour your face. I like making my brows thicker whenever I apply makeup but you can go thinner if you like. As for contouring, apply some product on your cheeks and on your chin to define them more, and then blend. Do you see the difference with my first picture?

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Step 3: Now for the Eyes

Take the light pink color on the palette and apply it on your lid. I recommend dabbing the color with a flat brush so it looks more concentrated.

Getpretty.Com.Au - VictoriasSecretModel (2)

Next, take a little bit of the blush on the palette and apply that on your crease. It’s blush but I’m going to use it on my crease because there are no rules in my make world. 😉

Getpretty.Com.Au - VictoriasSecretModel (3)

Next, take a flat brush and dip it on the grey and purple (yes, both). Apply it on your outer corner and lower lashline. Once you’re done, take a bit of the grey and wing it out just like an eyeliner. If you noticed, we are only using shimmer colors. This is because I want it to look really natural, like a barely there kind of look (just like VS Angel Makeup).

Getpretty.Com.Au - VictoriasSecretModel (4)

Next up, we are going to contour and highlight our eyes. I took a bit of the bronzing cream and I applied it on the inner sides of my eyes, near my nose bridge. Then you take the highlighter color and dab it on your inner corner. Take the same grey color and apply it on your lower lashline. It should look something like this:

Getpretty.Com.Au - VictoriasSecretModel (5)

When you’re done with putting on eyeliner and mascara, it should look like this. Do you get the barely there look that I was going for now? It’s all going to come together, I promise.

Getpretty.Com.Au - VictoriasSecretModel (7)


Step 4: The Cheeks

So remember the highlighter on the palette? Load your blush brush with it and apply it on the apples of your cheeks. Next, take some of the blush and apply it on the same area. The best way to apply this would be with a circular motion.

Getpretty.Com.Au - VictoriasSecretModel (6)


Step 5: The Lips

Put on lipstick and top it with gloss.

Getpretty.Com.Au - VictoriasSecretModel (10)


Now You’re Ready for the Runway

Here’s what the finished look looks like:

Getpretty.Com.Au - VictoriasSecretModel (15)

My eyes look uneven and puffy but I don’t care. You can’t really see the colors on my eyes because of the lighting. They are barely there, just what I wanted. So with this look, you have healthy looking skin and a healthy rosy pink color on your lips. Here’s a close up on the eyes.

Getpretty.Com.Au - VictoriasSecretModel (17)


Again, the finished look.

Getpretty.Com.Au - VictoriasSecretModel (13)

What do you think?

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